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  1. Here she is at the 2019 Bash in March!
  2. To Steven's point, I had my '07 Shelby GT upconverted to the GT/SC package just in time for the 2019 Bash. It was a great experience. Matt Giles and company at SA did a superb job on my baby, and my first sighting of the finished work was in the SA Winner's Circle.
  3. Yes definitely. Just had my '07 upconverted, and both Matt and Chris were really helpful!
  4. Happy to report the airbag fix is done and done, Chris. And beautiful 5671 is safe and sound in her new garage. Excited to hear about the 350! Good luck with all the moving logistics, my friend!
  5. Back at you, Kevin. I was shocked how quickly it got down to these parts. Sunday was a ball, and I enjoyed meeting you as well.
  6. Thanks, Chris. I also added the Shelby caps, which are shown below. I like the way it dresses up the engine bay. I am really anxious to get the little beast here. Fortunately, the cruddy weather in Dallas is making me more patient than I would be otherwise.
  7. I am not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised. Matt Giles at Shelby has done a great job overseeing the GT/SC conversion. Thanks for the good words!
  8. I have a feeling you are 100% correct, Andrew! Have a great weekend. Len
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