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  1. the supercharger was incapable of maintaining boost and would boost for around a second, stop having boost than start. i did spin out once, and me and my dad took apart the air cleaner and it was spotless. I am wondering if I should take the car to Kenne Belle, but not sure. Is there any recommendations to were or who I should take it to? thanks Dylan
  2. I recently took a trip down to Button willow raceway in my 2007 Shelby GT/SC with a Kenne Bell supercharger. I was tracking it and around half way through the day, the supercharger started to cut out and, making it so i had to stop driving that day. second day in the morning i did a few test laps to see if the problem had maybe gone away because the car cooled down, unfortunately it had the same problem. Im not sure if its the heat or if the car is not mean't to be driven on the track, or if i should modify the air intake/outake system. thanks 07SGT3052
  3. My Shelby GT/SC is said to be able to push somewhere around 500hp on a Kenne bell Supercharger kit.
  4. it was given to me by Galpin Ford. I took the car to them to have them look at the car, i was hooked up with a guy( will post the name if necessary) and he claimed that he would have the problem dealt with when i get it back. a week later he called me saying he looked at the car with his "best mechanic" and it had a stage 2 tune on it. He went on vacation for what he said would be a week, but that turned in to months without any response after contacting them countless times without an answer. so about a week later I went to pick the car up because of the rain and when i got it, it could not have looked worse, they took horrible care of the car and according to the best mechanic guy he never even seen the car in the car in back maintenance yard of even looked at, so I left free of charge and when I went to get it waxed, it was found cleaning the interior. I am uncertain how to check what tune is on the actual tuner, am wondering how to check it to see. The whole thing didn't add up the second week it was there.
  5. A buddy of mine has an 07 Shelby GT and said that when he goes to the track, he modifies the tune with that SCT tuner. Ford gave me an SCT tuner but i could never figure out what tune was originally on it. my last resort it taking it down to Shelby and having them take a look at it. The Kenne Bell supercharger was installed by Shelby, i just need the proper tune for CA emissions I think. will update soon Dylan CSM#3052
  6. it passed visual inspection but the scanner claimed that the catalyct converter is not functioning properly, i am currently trying to find the papers for the rest of it. Sorry for the delay Dylan
  7. I have a 2007 Shelby GT/SC with a Kenne Bell super charger and 13,000 miles. I bought the car out of Bakersfield, California on April of 2018. I took it to get smogged and it did not pass, the guy claimed the catalytic converter and some other things( will state when i am back from vacation) I took it the my local Galpin Ford and of corse they didn't know anything. they only stated it has a stage 2 tune on it and it needs the original tune. Does any one have any idea what the original tune is? and how to acquire it? Thanks, Dylan CSM#3052
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