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    Car shows, autocross, track days, social gatherings. We also have a 1970 Ford Torino Cobra.

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  1. Thanks! Car is sadly parked in the garage. Are there any meetups or events up here? I'm hoping to make it to Dan's event in the Wisconsin Dells in the future and I attended the Northwoods SAAC event at Road America each year so I plan on that, but anything else? The club in Miami was pretty active.
  2. Just moved back to the Twin Cities after being in Florida for 4 years. I was pretty active with the regional MCA club in Fort Myers and did some things with the South Atlantic Shelby region. Hoping to meet some members here! Currently we have a 2018 Orange Fury GT350. Previous to that we have a 2016 Avalanche GT350 and other various Mustangs and classics. We also have a 1970 Torino Cobra.
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