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  1. Ya jody we are in southeast minnesota so deer are a big issue here too. I checked the vents on dads the other day and they are a tad loose in there. With the speeds these cars are capable of you would think they should be solidly mounted.
  2. Ya i may suggest we go with the michelins in the spring. No reason to put new shoes on to store it for the winter.
  3. Thats good to know too. They dont seem to hook real well especially when cold. I dont run it WoT but i do get on it enough to break traction with these eagles on. They seem to flatspot after only a week of sitting as well. Love supercharger whine but it usually means your headed a little sideways.
  4. Thanks for replies thus far guys. Yall make some valid points. That being said from what i understand these goodyear eagles were built specifically with the gt500 kr's in mind then discontinued right? Thats the only reason i thought there might be some collectability in adding to the car itself. I wasnt speaking of like wiper blades n those kinds of things. Twobjshelbys i agree with your statement and was just thinking it might be neat however i have no clue how i would preserve em. Weve had the tire preservation discussion on an International harvester collectors forum im on. No good methods were discovered. A lot of collector tractors sit and the tires eventually become too weatherchecked to be useable.
  5. So i found a set of NOS goodyear eagles made for the kr's. My question is do you guys think it would be worth it to buy and store just to have? Since they were made for the kr's i thought it would be neat to have a brand new set to go with all the other original stuff such as the window sticker etc. It still has the factory tires on it yet but we are gonna replace em.
  6. I know it and thats pretty much our attitude but a part of me says keep it to a minimum. Its just so fun to drive!
  7. Hello all. My father purchased a 2009 gt500kr in vista blue. It is #12 in the production. He bought it from the original owner who is relation. It has just under 18,000 miles on it. Im currently storing it before it heads to its bubble for the winter at dads.
  8. So as i suspected shelby doesnt even carry the hoods or vents anymore. Man a guy almost should buy a set just to have them in case something happens to it.
  9. Hey thanks cali. Its pretty much a dream car for us. Dads 1st cousin in iowa had this one for sale after her husband passed. It has just under 18,000 miles on it. Its so fun to drive but im trying to keep the miles off it!
  10. Hey thanks andrew. I get the better end of the deal seeing how i drive it anytime i want! It goes into hibernation soon as the winters here mean snow,ice,and road salt! Only drawback is having to tell people it aint mine!
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