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  1. Had some time today to go back and review the alternator issue on GT500 2007. Same thing, battery puts out 11.9 VDC, start the engine and at idle it is getting 11.4 VDC. Clearly a non-charging alternator..... not bad for less than 50 miles on the new one. Any additional ideas?
  2. I noticed the new alternator pulley diameter is perhaps 1/4" smaller than the OEM. I'll start there, checking at various RPM and get the battery tested as well. Thank you.
  3. Driving my 2007, GT500 and got a charging system warning. Limped half way home before the battery couldn't run the fuel pump and had to have a tow back. I pulled the stock alternator, 17,000 miles, and bought a "replacement" at NAPA putting it in, much pain involved. Drove a total of two times since, probably not more than 50 miles, took the car out last night and the charging system warning came on again. before I changed it the first time it was reading no charge at idle, (11.9 V). engine off read 12.1 V. After installing new Alt. System showed 14.3 V. At idle. All should have been good...... I really don't want to do this every week, any suggestions?
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