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  1. Thanks for the support! I figured if I was going to drop all of the time and money into a restoration it might as well be as close to original as possible. You might be onto something though I'll have to start a go-fund-me haha
  2. Thank you so much for the help I really appreciate it! In regards to parameters I kept it very vague, I'm looking for anything with a glimmer of hope and true GT500 heritage, whether that be a complete rust bucket or a non-dynacorn shell. However if the price is right I wouldn't mind something further along in the process of course but not the finished product. I did see the one on cars-online that you shared the link to; I've been religiously watching the site and have reached out to some poster's like desert mustangs etc. The one you sent in the link was firm on the 115k as a completed rebuild because as I have found they are hard to come by in project state and there's more to be made on a completed project. Unfortunately I also looked at repairablecars-forsale as well - turns out there is such a thing as too good to be true. The ads that they post are not the cars that they have in stock and it's more of a scam/advertising site for insurance auctions such as iaai, copart etc. Thank you for the well wishes and if anything comes up please let me know!
  3. I'd blame Chip Foose before giving Nicholas Cage any credit lol but this will not be another Eleanor clone. I've been driving mustangs my whole life and I think it's time I take the man crush to the next level
  4. Thanks! I saw him on another thread and have been in contact with him, but he said it might be tough to find a project car around him right now. I definitely appreciate the advice though and contacts like Stephen Becker are great!
  5. Hello everyone, I have been looking for a 1967 GT500 project for some time now with no results and was wondering if anyone had or had seen one for sale. Ideally I am looking for one as barebones as possible as I am trying to do a complete rebuild including the engine but all leads are appreciated. If you have any information, feel free to contact me on this thread or at jsdecris@gmail.com. Thanks!
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