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  1. Agreed. The future in not just all electric but AI controlled etc. I get it, it makes sense for 99% of all the drivers in the world. Seems to me that if you bought a Shelby, any Shelby, you are after something else. You like the loud noise, the firm suspension, seats and tight/firm ride. You paid your $1500 gas guzzler tax, not because it makes ANY financial sense, but because driving makes you feel alive. I don't think that having an auto makes this any LESS than having a manual, but having BOTH makes a whole lot of sense to me. These cars, the GT350 and the GT500, are amazing and for a very select audience. It does make a lot of sense to offer a 6 speed manual on the GT500 for those who want it (as long as it pencils out from a profitability standpoint - even if that is just near break even) so I certainly hope Ford does it in the future. I can't even realistically use the power in my 2018 GT350, so not really looking for a more powerful option, but if I did... I think a manual would make the experience a good 25% better. My 2cents. Cool forum, I like it.
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