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    my kids, my three Mustangs, my 1985 Dodge truck that belonged to my dad and a fiberglass dune buggy show car that i made in the early 80s.

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  1. this is my 1st team shelby event. i just finished the registration for the east coast grand nationals. i did see that i missed putting in my membership number. is that necessary on my registration and if so, where do i add it? Thanks.
  2. Thank you for your reply. im looking into purchasing Shelby gauges for my 08 GT500 so it will be expensive.
  3. i am so looking forward to the Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals and the following week at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Through the past 10 yrs, i have attended numerous Mustang shows...Sturgis Mustang Ralley, Mustang Week, Carlisle Ford Natl and NMRA to name a few. But this upcoming event is something new to me.and i am looking forward to it. Hope to get to meet other members.
  4. hello, I'm new here and asking about the TS 10% discount. is there a max when buying items? I called the Shelby store and parts told me that there is a $40 max discount. thanks.
  5. hello, Im Garry and new to Team Shelby by joining this past Nov 2018. Living in western Pa, i am greatly awaiting the National event and the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. I have a 2008 Gt 500, a 2007 custom mustang and a 1999 mustang. Have also had numerous mustang through the years. just wanted to say hi.
  6. hello, my name is Garry and I am new to Team Shelby...just joined this past Nov, 2018. I live in the Pittsburgh area and plan to attend this event. is registration open yet? Them Shelby is all new to me and I would Appreciate any guidance with the organization. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I'm Garry. I'm from South Park, about 10 miles south of Pittsburgh. I have a 2008 GT 500 that is my 1st Shelby. I attended Carlisle every year with my 2007 custom Mustang and with the 08 Shelby this past year. cant wait for the nationals this year in western Pa along with attending the Pittsburgh vintage Grand Prix.
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