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  1. Russ... Did you end up installing a camera? I’m curious about what you settled on. I do realize this thread is about 3 years old.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I’m so wary of corrosion, I am going to make a special effort to ensure that no steel hardware comes in contact with the hood at all. (I’m also replying to this since the thread hasn’t seen activity since your reply and I’d like to get more attention on my post from 1/11 about the hardware)
  3. Have any of you tried pushbutton hood pins like these? https://www.cjponyparts.com/quik-latch-hood-pin-kit-low-profile-series-ql-38-black/p/HDPK45/ I have a new hood, and plan to be careful not to use steel screws when placing them in the hood. I've been searching for ~18 months for an a replacement that won't rust itself away.
  4. Dana and others, My Shelby GT suffered front-end collision damage, and I’ve got a new hood. I’ve asked the body shop to refrain from installing the stock hood pins because of the hideous rust my car experienced. Has anyone found a good long term solution? My car is likely one of the highest mileage 2007 Shelby GTs out there.
  5. Thanks to the members posting in this thread, I was able to find a grille replacement for my vehicle.
  6. Dave, I understand your desire to hang on to your spares and am keeping an eye on eBay. You also asked what I’m willing to pay - are you willing to sell? I will send you my phone number so we can chat more if that’s the case. Brad
  7. Shelby Friends, I need your help. I also need the metal and plastic grilles for my 2007 Shelby GT (white). My car was involved in a front end collision that destroyed both grilles. The vehicle is in a body shop now, and the lack of a suitable grill is going to prevent them giving a drivable vehicle back to me. Can anyone help point me in a direction where I can buy one or both of these parts? I am quite surprised that the body shop has been unable to locate even the plastic grille. I've chosen to repaint and re-stripe the entire vehicle (and we know how much of an issue that is, but that's for another day...). Remanufacturing from an existing grille is an option, especially since laser scanning is straightforward. IASHELBYGT? 07SGT0517? Are you able to help? I am willing to pay shipping costs if we end up having to do a scan of the dimensions for remanufacture. Brad
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