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  1. But to each their own and whatever makes you happy JUST DO IT!!! LOL
  2. I'm more of an original kind of guy all of mine are bone stock original including my 4 Vettes.. LOL
  3. That's exactly why I picked up my 08 but since I've pretty much decided to get another one I was just curious as to what the forum thought would be the better one for resale just in case I sale it. lol
  4. Which one?? LOL my 68 is Acapulco Blue with White stripes and my 2008 is Silver with Blue stripes..
  5. Well let me clear the air just a little I own 6 Ponies a 641/2 D code convertible, February of 65 A code GT fastback, 68 c code coupe, 68 R code GT500 KR Fastback in process of restoration, 2002 GT convertible, and 08KR0186 Kr with 1742 miles. I am looking to get another one and was trying to find out if the 08 is worth more than the 09 to the enthusiasts of the KR community.
  6. Is it because it's a 40th or that it's the first year back? There are lower production numbers for 2009 so I thought they might be worth more money.. LOL
  7. Just a curious question for all you guys. If you had a choice on what year KR you could own, would you get the 2008 40th anniversary or the lower number production year of the 2009??
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