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  1. Looking to find someone or company that can restore 07 - 09 SS Alcoa wheels as close to the Dura Brite original finish. Any help would be appreciated
  2. About a 2 hour drive for me. Hey Keith did you see pictures of K . Strongs car looks like he was rear ended but I hear he is okay
  3. On top of that they just brought out the Ford GT MK II strictly a track car only 45 to be built & you can own one at $1.3 million.
  4. Do you still have your old inferior car .😊
  5. Just Goggle Motorsports Reg for registration & info . Team Shelby Great Lakes are hosting this event Dearborn Invasion II Aug.12-18 2019
  6. Okay guys here is your chance to tour the new Shelby mod shop in Windsor Ont. Xcentrick Autosports . I have two dates & need some feedback on which Saturday is best July 6 or 13 2019. I need to let Jessie know ASAP. The plan is to convoy as a group so let me know if you are going. It will be a tour of the shop and lunch BBQ ,the good stuff pop, dogs & burgs . Also don`t forget to sign up for Dearborn Invasion II Aug 13 -18 something you don`t want to miss we need a Canadian group invasion . Don`t miss out on it , tickets are going fast. Thanks Jim hardie Shel-b001@hotmail .com
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