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  1. Thanks Mongoose I knew you would come through if anyone .
  2. Okay Mongoose here is something you can help with . My buddy is looking for a reasonable 1.18 model of a `65 Gt Mustang & is not having any luck find one . Anyone???
  3. Yup to each his own . Bid is up to $25 K still three days left , it will be interesting .
  4. Not liken the colour needs nice set of wheels .
  5. Headed to the Bash in a couple of weeks hope this doesn`t get canceled.
  6. All The best of luck getting the chompers repaired BB You have dental coverage?
  7. Ya even my wife said Damon wasn`t a good pick for Shelby he was too short to start with Bale should have won an Oscar for his part in this film.
  8. You buying one to go with your Camaro????????????
  9. You bought another Bow Tie ????????????
  10. Anyone from Ontario Region that plan on going to the 2020 Bash let me know & if you are going by yourself we possibly can double up in rooms;
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