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  1. Make sure you get the right size that fits your battery tray if its an 07-09 there are two BXT 96R , & BXT 40- R the lengths are different & also C.A is different
  2. 2007 GT 500 still running the original battery no problems yet but not expecting another year we will see . I have stock with Motorcraft batteries as I have good life out of all that I have had.
  3. Like Steve said they are going quickly as of yesterday over 40 were already sold in the first two hours that they were offered
  4. What year, is it , I take it it is a GT500 not a Super Snake or it would have Black Mat stripes`.
  5. Hey Goose I have solved what was bothering me about the signature took me awhile to find the stuffed toy snake that my daughter had signed when we were at a SAAC convention in the 80`s, but with help from the wife we found it. The tag on it was signed by Carroll on front & back & it is just his signature with no lines or tick marks on either. So I assume what Steve`s point was anything signed with the line & hatch marks were when he started the Carroll Shelby Heart Foundation. So my Bill Neale water painting would have been early 90`s . OH that print you posted I have that one also #21/500 .
  6. Ya thats what I`am thinking but I will find out as I have a watercolour print by Bill Neale signed by Carroll with me in the photo when he signed it , just got to look it up . I also have my daughters stuffed snake toy that he signed while he was walking around a SAAC convention & I know for sure that was in the 80`s .
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