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  1. They had a prototype at the Bash . it may be in the works to make it an option, it does have a paddle shifter. I t go through the gears a lot faster than you can shift. Order banks won`t be open until the fall.
  2. Wow thats for sure I`ll take our weather .
  3. S So the 2019 midengineVette has been but on hold till Dec. /19. It appears the horsepower is bending the aluminum frame & breaking the hatchback window ,plus some electronic change for the computer. The third item is some changes to the inside cabin.
  4. It was brought up at the last meeting & were told they aes still working on the new site.Not sure who they have doing it but they sure are slow.
  5. Just put a sign up that reads NO Cats Allowed that should keep them out.
  6. I think he quoted on the wrong post
  7. Flying down Mar. 13 rented a Mustang Vert.
  8. Dan`s SS & Jimmers 08 G.T 5500 NTT`ers
  9. Any one doing the Bash ? I`am booked looking forward to it Mike ( Cobraracing) just confirmed we have Mustang Vert for a rental.
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