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  1. Anyone from Ontario Region that plan on going to the 2020 Bash let me know & if you are going by yourself we possibly can double up in rooms;
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR Team Shelby all the best in 2020
  3. Speak for yourself, I still believe in Santa Claus ,why I have ask for a new 2020 GT500 & expect he will leave me one . I will keep you posted.
  4. Yes they were gone in less than 2 hours offered to Shelby members first ,what number did you get . Still waiting for mine.
  5. Lets hope its single malt.☺️ Maybe Scott will bring some back from his trip., to share.
  6. I carry one of those tire repair kits they work fine repaired several with tire on the car no problem .
  7. Xcentrick Auto Sports Tour has been canceled do to lack of participants , but will be rescheduled for the spring & we are working to add some things that you won`t want to miss out on . Stay Tuned. Thanks to those that had signed up. PS For those that may be interested the is plan to meet for lunch Saturday 21/19 12 pm at Beer Town in Cambridge .( weather permitting)
  8. Yeah I realize that its time consuming & costly to take them down, but if even one person had been killed it now becomes well worth it.
  9. Glad you are okay Keith, as thinking about you when I saw the news about the storm . Not sure why they don`t dismantle cranes when they know high winds are coming, they so top heavy .
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