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  1. The real CD ??? Hope you ere doing good . Whoops just read the other post about the Covid-19 hope you can shake it & start feeling better.
  2. Ya I talk to him. Chris do you have Shelby bike ? I see they started a Shelby bike club on Facebook .
  3. Thanks I did contact him he is good , looking to buy a Vette up this way .
  4. All is good a little BORED staying home . Hope you & family are good . Wheres Keifer???
  5. Ya ,I haven`t even got the Vert out of storage yet. Looks like we are starting to move forward as the covid - 19 here has gone done to zero cases for nearly a week only because we have followed the health guide lines.
  6. We need to do it again hint, hint. Thanks for the memories Chris .
  7. Nothing here in Canada all shows & cruises are cancelled . We are not allowed to have any events , here in Ontario strict covid -19 guide lines. Just now they are allowing restaurants to open patio`s only & tables must be 6ft apart , no inside use yet.
  8. Mike you would get an answer if you went to the SAAC site they have many members that would be able to answer any of your questions. Are you looking to sell this item?
  9. Great photos A Happy Easter to you & your family.
  10. Thanks Mongoose I knew you would come through if anyone .
  11. Okay Mongoose here is something you can help with . My buddy is looking for a reasonable 1.18 model of a `65 Gt Mustang & is not having any luck find one . Anyone???
  12. Yup to each his own . Bid is up to $25 K still three days left , it will be interesting .
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