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  1. Hey Goose I have solved what was bothering me about the signature took me awhile to find the stuffed toy snake that my daughter had signed when we were at a SAAC convention in the 80`s, but with help from the wife we found it. The tag on it was signed by Carroll on front & back & it is just his signature with no lines or tick marks on either. So I assume what Steve`s point was anything signed with the line & hatch marks were when he started the Carroll Shelby Heart Foundation. So my Bill Neale water painting would have been early 90`s . OH that print you posted I have that one also #21/500 .
  2. Ya thats what I`am thinking but I will find out as I have a watercolour print by Bill Neale signed by Carroll with me in the photo when he signed it , just got to look it up . I also have my daughters stuffed snake toy that he signed while he was walking around a SAAC convention & I know for sure that was in the 80`s .
  3. I took deliver of my 07` GT500 Nov 17/06. You sure it wasn`t in 06?
  4. Whoops try 90`s. Why didn`t Carroll do it the 80`s?
  5. Sorry may have not explained it properly the signatures have a line under the signature with two hash marks or ticks running vertical through the line.
  6. Looking at all my items I have signed by Carroll some as far back as early 80`s they are a bit different than the one you have . Carroll always drew a line with two ticks through it, seemed to be his trait.
  7. Yes it is still blue typo & senior moment , one or the other lol
  8. It was painted Red , yellow 7 now is Black & hasn`t been touched since . I twas on display at the 2019 Bash & if you look close at the drivers door on the leading window edge you can see the yellow paint.
  9. Just a note to all of the up & coming event`s for the Ontario Region. A tour of the new Canadian Shelby mod shop Xcentrick Autosport will take place sometime in mid June . The plan is to cruise there tour the shop & have a barbecue and possible end up with tour of a local winery nearby. Also planning on another luncheon to get as many members out to meet each other & show off your Shelby & discuss ideas of what you would like to do asa group.& that includes family. For those that weren`t able to attend the 2019 Team Shelby Bash in Vegas you missed an awesome time, so start thinking about attending the 2020 Bash as they only get better each year . A special Thanks goes out to Tracey Smith & Scott Black & the team of volunteers that made this Bash such a success
  10. Any photos & numbers to verify ?
  11. Not yet had 3" of snow Saturday still, most of it has melted but still cool +1 c high winds today.
  12. Got an e-mail from Chris he is busy moving in & didn`t have internet or phone service for a few days , everything is good with him & Gina.
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