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  1. I've combed the websites, the prices vary significantly....I was hoping being a Shelby website, some would have some input as to an educated worth..... In the end, I suppose, is what someone is willing to pay. Appreciate the advice....
  2. Really good advice... Thank you! What do u think its worth? I do plan on driving it....
  3. I don't think the kennie Bell was available for the convertible.... But I hear ya. This car happens to be in my town, owner has several cars, and a person who runs up to temperature monthly.. What do u think it's worth?
  4. Looking to buy a 2009 black convertible super snake, first upgrade to 605 HP... What is this car worth? Oh yeah, less than 100 miles.... Build has been verified!
  5. I'm looking to buy 2009 black convertible super snake, upgrade to 605 hp, build has been verified the Shelby, what is this car worth? Oh yeah, less than 100 miles...
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