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  1. So in Delaware which is not quite as strict as California for emissions, shouldn’t be an issue. So my choices would be upgrade a low mileage SGT with a Paxton or get a low mileage 07-09 GT500 and upgrade the suspension
  2. There has been a wealth of knowledge given in this thread and is greatly appreciated. There are a lot of 2007-2009 cars out there with more reasonable prices. The question is how much money is would take to do the suspension, chassis and brake upgreades. I favor white or blue cars which that is what I mainly see.
  3. Can anyone explain the Paxton and certificate issues? New to Shelby’s and thinking about getting a SGT and adding a SC for DD.
  4. Why do you say 2011 doesn’t have much demand? I don’t see many on the market?
  5. I do like the interior a lot better. Sag on the door panels mainly.
  6. Very nice car with great upgrades. I'm sure you greatly improved the handling of the car. I'm saving this information and may want to call on you for some additional information. Thanks
  7. Thanks. I have come across at least one. I’m sure dry rot comes into play.
  8. I’m only considering Shelby’s. 2007 GT/CS and 2011 GT500. Both around 12k miles. $30k for the GT/SC and $36k for GT500. The GT500 has some other goodies like gps and dual climate control. Both great condition. Sorry I did not clarify this earlier as I’ve narrowed my search through test drives.
  9. The information you all have provided have been very helpful. Twoobjshelby has given great insight for sure.
  10. Both cars are manual. One five speed and the other six speed. :2011 much different than 2007 and 2008 GT500s.
  11. I’ve narrowed my choices to a 2007 GT/SC and 2011 GT500. Both have more than enough power and I will be no further modding. How would the the two compare as far as handling. I’ll be doing some highw and some back road driving. Test drove both but really didn’t get a true feel in the short time and distance I tested. Thanks
  12. Yesterday I test drive a 2007 and 2011 GT500. In the market for a used Shelby. Both were really nice, however I could really tell a difference in handling in the 2011. There must have been a lot of improvements in the suspension beyond the lighter front end. Car was only 12k miles. However under the hood was clean but you can see the aluminum block not looking so pretty. High humidity definitely caused some corrosion. Everything else under the hood was perfect. I know I’ve added some aluminum parts to my 67 and the same thing happened and it’s garaged. What are others experiences and did you do anything to correct it? Thanks Pete
  13. Wow. Good thought on the two piece plugs. I had no idea there was a change.
  14. Good points. I like the authenticity of it even though it’s not a future value thing for me. Just nice knowing. Then I think if I get a regular GT that in the end I minght want a little extra grunt and why not purchase right up front.
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