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  1. Hi everyone need to located the vacuum diagram for the 89 CSX-VNT car needs helps and I need help to help her.
  2. I love the car but dont think I can keep it as loved as it truly deserves. So to you mopar guys and shelby loves It is available for sale to the right buyer. But no hurry to just let it go. Anyone interested? Email me jmmotors247@gmail.com Headline shelby CSX
  3. Anyone know if some CSX vnt came with a turbo hood or no all flat?
  4. Awesome Thank you. Strange thing is has original rims but have 205/50R15s tires? So do you know how many where recaro shelby seats 195 tires and 5 speed manual since I have seen at least 2 that where auto gear boxs?
  5. Awesome advice and info Steve Thank you so much. Was the 205/50R15 a rare model releas I thought they had 195 and then the 15 in 225? Thanks again.
  6. I just got a CSX-VNT number #38 and I'm in the dark great purchase or O no??? Awesome looking car huge respect for shelby. Any info on this vehicle original tire size any history Thanks guys.
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