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  1. I bit the bullet and ordered a CoverKing. Thanks again for the replies.
  2. I sourced a never opened kit from E-Bay a couple of months ago. The box has never been opened, but I probably will someday. I am conflicted about trying to safeguard my baby, or flogging it at track days. HaHa
  3. What is everyone using for an indoor dust-cover type car cover on their GT500KRs? Periodically, I see factory OEM GT500 covers posted for sale, but I am looking for any feedback regarding their: 1. Breath-ability 2. Softness I am assuming the base GT500 is more or less dimensionally the same as my KR. It would be nice to find something specific to the 2008-2009 GT500KR with the Cobra snake on it, but I am more concerned about function over form. Thanks in advance, Harold
  4. Are we sure the "red" isn't just the filter oil color, similar to what is found in a K&N filter recharge kit? When I bought my '09 a few months ago, the filter was very dry and had probably never been serviced. Ten years and 2,800 miles later the filter looked white-ish. I purchased a BBK "blue" cleaner/oil recharge kit P/N 1100 and it is good as new again. Sorry that I did not capture a "before" picture, but here it is now.
  5. I am trying to source a Brake Duct Cooking Kit like what should have shipped in the trunk of my "new to me" GT500KR CSM #0562. The previous owner purchased it from a dealer in Florida in 2010, but swears he never seen it. My car is missing the OEM Tire Inflator Kit also, I that is going to be much easier to replace than the brake duct cooling kit. Ha Ha I believe I am looking for Ford Racing Part No. M-2004-A, right? I see a Brake Duct Cooking Kit listed on ebay, but the box is beat all to heck and weathered. Any ideas on where best to source this kit before it becomes impossible to find? Thanks for any help. Harold
  6. Brand new member here and new soon-to-be a low-mileage 2009 Shelby GT500KR owner. I just sent a "join group" request on the facebook site. Is there a particular dealership, service writer, or independent shop that you all would trust with similar 2009 GT500 or GT500KR; preferably in Phoenix-metro area. This baby will need all of its important fluids flushed before we enjoy it very much. I did all the wrenching and upgrades on my '88 Mustang 5.0L coupe, but I don't think I feel that self-assured with this new machine. Harold & Angie Phx, AZ
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