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  1. I never knew that by rotating the OTA pipes would change the pitch of the mufflers? But yes, It does make perfect sense about what you mentioned concerning getting the tips centered, but were coming out on an angle, meaning that the tips weren't lining up straight like they're supposed to. Therefore I totally agree 100% and I thank you for providing such helpful and valuable feedback support That's what I thought, but wasn't 100% sure as some folks interpret muffler hangers as to the hanger brackets that are attached/bolted to the car lol.
  2. My driver's side is perfectly centered but is just barely a bit higher than the passenger side which is centered and perfectly level. Did you also consider adjusting the mufflers by loosening the over the axle pipes and then rotating them? I've heard that rotating them is also effective in adjusting the height and centering of the mufflers as well, but I've never really tried it, so I honestly can't say if that actually does anything for adjusting the mufflers or not? But it's something you just might find interesting never the less.
  3. So you have the same round ones as I do which are the Borla ATAK part#11806. As for heating and bending the brackets, do you mean the brackets that are welded onto the mufflers or the actual OEM hangers attached to the frame?
  4. I forgot to ask how you go about tweeking the hangers. Are you referring to the tweaking the hanger brackets bolted onto the car's frame or the hanger rods attached to the mufflers?
  5. Those idiots over at AM have no clue what they're talking about. The only reason Borla doesn't include listing the Mustang GT ATAK mufflers for the 2007-09 Shelby GT500, is Borla engineers their ATAK mufflers on a vehicle by vehicle basis with their patented straight-thru, multi-core design that is engineered around a vehicle's specific sound frequencies produced by the engine and it's exhaust components. Other than that, the Borla ATAK 11806 muffler engineered for the 2005-09 Mustang GT is fully compatible with the 2007-09 Shelby GT500 as the exhaust tubing has the same exact 2.5" size diameter and hanger mounting locations as the Mustang GT. Therefore they will fit on a GT500 with no problems, just as you said. The only real difference is their going to sound just a bit different when on a Shelby GT500. At any rate, now that you and Mfield2a have both confirmed there is no drone at all with running Borla ATAK mufflers? Then obviously I must be hearing something other than interior resonance drone
  6. I really don't think it's the X pipe causing some of the baffle echos on your buddy's "08" SGT/SC (vert) Here's why. An X pipe is designed to push the amount of airflow out through the back of the exhaust more efficiently and faster than an H pipe which at least in theory is intended to minimize and produce the least amount of interior resonance drone. If on the other hand, your buddy was running an H pipe going into the SLP loudmouths? his drone would be far worse than it is with his Bassani X. Prior to running my current Borla ATAK's I actually considered getting SLP loudmouths until reading on several other Mustang forums about how horrible they drone even with the complete stock setup still in place. Also if I'm not mistaken, the stock exhaust setup for the "07-'08 SGT has the Ford Racing X crossover paired with the stock cats and Ford Racing GTA mufflers. So IMHO if it were the X -pipe causing some of the baffle echo's or causing any type of drone? you would also be experiencing drone on your SGT as well along with the Borla ATAKS. Therefore knowing that you don't get any drone at all with your complete stock setup to the ATAKS, we can pretty much rule out the Bassani X-Pipe as causing some of those baffle echo's on your buddy's '08 SGT/SC (vert) Anyhow before making the switch to the ATAKS, I was running Borla S-type (stingers) with both the Mac cut n clamp ProChamber to stock cats and also ran the ProChamber without cats as an off-road setup. Needless to say, it didn't matter which setup I ran, the drone was so unbearable that I couldn't wait to take off the Borla Stingers, S-Types soon enough lol. It's also possible the Mac ProChamber may also had been a contributing factor as well, but IMO most of the drone was caused by the Borla S-Type mufflers. At any rate, unless I'm 100% dead wrong about your complete stock SGT setup as having the FRPP X crossover? Then I also should not be getting any drone at all with running Borla ATAKS paired with the stock cats and X-Pipe Did your Borla Atak mufflers have a round case housing or oval shaped? The reason for asking, is Borla made an Atak muffler for the 2007-09 Shelby GT500 as part of their cat-back exhaust system, part# 140480 which included oval shaped ATAK mufflers that have a different internal design over the round shaped ATAK 11806 muffler for the 2005-09 Mustang GT. So which ATAK mufflers do you have, the round shaped 11806 or oval shaped ATAK mufflers included with the 140480 cat-back system for the 2007-09 GT500? Here's an image and link for the ATAK mufflers included with the Borla 140480 cat-back exhaust for the 2007-09 Shelby GT500 https://www.americanmuscle.com/borla-atak-catback-0709gt500.html#
  7. Do you notice any resonance drone inside the cabin with the Borla ATAK's? I also have Borla ATAK's paired with Pypes exhaust cut n clamp X pipe to OEM cats and I notice drone in 5th gear only when the engine is under load between 1700-2000 RPM at 55-65 MPH when at cruise on the interstate. Once I'm at 70 MPH and at 2100 RPM and above, the drone goes completely away. Anyhow just curious if your running the stock catted mid-pipe with your Borla ATAK's or are you running either an off/road mid-pipe or long tube headers with high-flow cats? Thanks in advance.
  8. Agreed, the Ford Performance "KR" mufflers are indeed no drone and would be one of my top choices as well. They were also the "OEM" muffler for the 2008-2009 Shelby GT500KR edition. What I don't like about them however is, they hang really low from the rear valance and the tips are only 3.5" that don't quite fill up the bumper cutouts. If cosmetics aren't a factor? then I would most definitely recommend them. If they are a factor, then Corsa is also a high-quality muffler that's engineered and guaranteed not to produce drone with its patented RSC drone canceling technology. What I also like about the Corsa, is they're constructed from 304 grade SS and are backed by a full lifetime warranty. Although they are very expensive at $800.00+ so just keep that in mind. You could also look into the Roush Extreme Catback system which is a mid-muffler design that includes high-flow resonators in the over the axle pipes along with axle-back delete pipes that include 4" 304 SS tips. The Roush system is also designed and engineered to produce virtually no interior resonance drone. That being said, the Roush Extreme Catback and Borla ATAK axle-back are my top 2 choices for my "2006" supercharged Mustang GT. followed by the Ford Performance FR500S "KR" mufflers.
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