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  1. I have a mountain of paperwork that came with the car.. Will have to look at it all.. Just enjoying the car at the moment
  2. I replied to other poster Robert. Sorry..
  3. Yes Robert. I am assuming is 2.8. From what i have read the 3.2 is identical to look at. So not sure. I think it was SS in 2008. Original owner was in California. And i have the original dyno which was 704 rwhp. Currently 698 on our pump fuel.
  4. Sure. Apart from RHD and relocation brackets i fitted because of poor anti_squat and traction issues, and 2 7/8 pulley i have noticed, the car is original Shelby
  5. The car is converted. Was already right hand drive when i purchased it. I actually read some posts on here from previous owner who had it converted
  6. Hi all. Thanks for the add. Proud owner of CSM 07SS 0136 And 427 Special Edition 043
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