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  1. Hi Mongoose, thanks for your input into this, its much appreciated. It looks like I'm dreaming. I also saw the Carroll Shelby signed one on e-bay a few months ago and got all excited and thought mine might have been in the same class. I didn't realize it hadn't sold. I haven't sold anything on e-bay as they seem to make it too hard for elderly computer-illiterate foreigners to use their site. They are quite happy for us to look though. It looks like it may be time to get a glass display case made and get my kicks out of looking at what I believe is the most beautiful car ever assembled. Convincing She who must be obeyed of that may be another story though. I'm sure my son won't mind as being a Ford nut like his old man I think he is hoping that he will end up with it. I'm lucky that he lives in Florida and has owned a couple of Shelby's that I have been lucky enough to have driven. I guess I could have a try selling it on e-bay using his account but the 10% commission makes it even more unrealistic. I may try this forum later on for a sale but maybe its time to tighten the belt and get some enjoyment out of what I have. Thank you so much for your advice and if I have achieved nothing else my searching has found me a forum that I will get great pleasure out of following. Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi Mongoose, thanks for that info. My son who is currently in transit from Auckland to Miami took a bunch of pics of the model yesterday. When he gets home I will get him to send them to me so I can post them. Model has always been boxed, it comes in 3 separate boxes and only opened on probably 3 or 4 occasions for inspection and Chris to sign and yesterdays photo session. I do have a couple of shots of Chris signing the underside which I will attach. Shipping is not too bad, around $200 US by courier which includes insurance. I may be a little ambitious but I would be hoping to get around $5500 US. I'm not at all pleased to be passing this on but the pension in NZ is a bit of a struggle to get by on and this would make a big difference. If I got my price however I would probably try and get the GMP 1:12 example as they seem to be more realistically priced. I will post further pics as soon as my son gets them through. Cheers, Dave I just tried to send the pics I have but they must be too big and my capabilities with a computer are very limited and I'm stuck. I could send them to an e-mail address however.
  3. Hi Guys, I am in New Zealand and have a 1:10 Exoto GT40 #2 that I had signed by the late Chris Amon some years ago. Unfortunately I am in a position where I have to part company with this wonderful example. Could any of you more knowledgeable guys shed any light on what would its value be and where would be the best place to advertise it. Cheers, Dave Lowe
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