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  1. Goose... it isn't that sharing common interests is to be complicated. But when people are posting pictures of cars in this thread, and then posting those same pictures in another thread, it because duplicate content for you guys to have to figure out which thread you have replied to. To make things easier on you guys, we should stick to 1 off topic thread so that way posts are being duplicated across multiple places on the forum. The first "car" thread you created was fine till it started becoming political. Which was a violation of rule 7. I had also handled a couple of members that were making harassing posts on there, and not talking about cars... As i said i would do. But once the topic had political posts and moved in that direction away from cars, locking the thread was just easier. The "2nd" cars post had multiple posts with the same images posts on this thread, so i decided to keep this thread vs locking it and keeping that one. Due to the longer history here.
  2. BINGO. No need for a bunch of topics doing the same thing. Just trying to make your guys life easier with simplification.
  3. You have the Lobby for Off topic conversations. No need to have more then 1.
  4. Made it just over a week, then the politics came in and now this is locked. Politics go against out rules for the forum. 7. No political or religious discussions. We are not trying to curb your right to free speech however, we have found by experience, these threads go sideways quickly. This includes controversial subjects such as firearms or other polarizing subjects of the day. It does not mean we disagree with your point of view, it just means we do not want it discussed here.
  5. The 2020 is 770, but i cant say for sure if the 2019 will do the same numbers. Our sales department would be able to answer that better then i can,
  6. We definitely recommend the Whipple as we have it tuned for 750hp for the 2019's.
  7. I gave you guys a warning. You still want to act like children. SVTKeith and Secondo are now in timeout because they decided they wanted to see who the bigger kid on the playground is. This is your warning mhr1961, your long post wasn't useful and was done to stir the pot. Secondo, i am sure you will find a way to read this. The mods and I were discussing how to handle this. You being suspended is my call because you instigated this just as much as SVTKeith. This call was made last night, and that is why you no longer have posting privileges. Guys, i know your bored from sitting at home and doing nothing. Coming on here and acting like a child who thinks they are the tough guy with internet anonymity isn't going to go over well.
  8. Guys, if this post doesn't return to civility, and quickly.... I am going to lock it, and i will lock ALL off topic posts from here out. This is the ONLY WARNING
  9. This is not true at all. We, or I am working on moving this forum to a new team shelby page on the new website. This isnt something i can just snap my fingers and have it done.
  10. Speed Phenom is know for really beating on his cars, and pushing them to their limit. Great to see him trying to get the most out of his car. Does make me wonder, how many laps down the stripe he had before this one, and what was the cool down routine between runs. When they did the media event at LVMS in October, it wasnt cold out and guys were hot lapping it without to many issues... Even with it turned down, some of the media drivers were making run after run.
  11. There is 1 off topic thread already created. Keep all of the none shelby conversations there please. Also, the name calling will stop now. We are suppose to be adults, so lets act like it.
  12. I am kind of partial to this car that is in the showroom for a couple weeks.
  13. I personally was keen on the Red and black Stripe, and Silver and white striped GT500's that were in the shop tuesday morning before heading to the Hall to be displayed.
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