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  1. Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. Because it's an 07 I worry about selling on ebay. If the buyer expectations aren't what they expect. I mean it is an 07. Paint is 95 percent perfect, could use a clay bar. Door needs the insert replaced, I think they all start to peel. Hood scoop is still generation 1. Car fax is clean. I have the title which helps. It runs like it's brand new. Only repair was I replaced the rear swayer bushings. I noticed on ebay under completed items the 07SGT don't sell that often. Ebay classified sells cars for free locally only BUT to list you have to be a car dealer. I am also selling my Harley Davidson 2017 Fatboy S with only 1800 miles. That's a real problem because there is a loan. I never knew how hard it is to sell a vehicle that has a credit union loan without local branches. Almost impossible. Dealers and professional buyers put me upside-down with terrible offers. I really need to sell both so I am going really low. I would take offers within reason on my car to sell. Anyway thanks again guys, I think I will give ebay a shot. I hate selling any of it, but I got this damn Parkinson's show up at an early age. Enjoy your health guys. Peace
  2. Hi guys, I just wanted to get some feedback from you guys. Sadly, I need to sell my 07SGT and I was wondering what the most affective place to post would be. I was thinking auto trader but I don't see many private sellers on there mostly newer car dealers. Classic car auto trader doesn't even have a search option for the SGT only for the 500. Ebay I have never sold a car on and worry about someone buying sight unseen. I was going to just trade it in but dealers have no idea what it is and go by VIN#. What do you guys recommend that will get it sold in a responsible amount of time. My asking price I think is fair 22500. it's only got 23k miles. Seem fair?
  3. Just a little heads up. My bushings arrived. Quality appears poor and they are all black not as they appear on the website.
  4. You were very lucky. I've been trying about that long to just get a rough eta.
  5. The "right person" must be very busy because he says he will get back with me but does not. This late in the game I have no idea how many scoops are even left to replace. Could be years perhaps. Sadly, I am in a unique position where time is not my friend and I'd like my Son to have a finished car.
  6. I've contacted the right person in regards to the hood scoop replacement but just can't get the next run date. Does anyone know how often they do a run or when the last run was? anything?
  7. Last few weeks I kept hearing a loud clunk coming from my trunk when I went over bumps. Checked the trunk but nothing. So I reached under the car and hit my rear swaybar. Yup that's the clunk sound. I can't see well enough if its bushing or just loose. Car only has 28k miles. I was wondering does my mechanic need special bushings or is it the same part number as a Mustang GT? Thank you
  8. Guess this thread will never die lol. Question; I received a reply in regards to my replacement scoop. (I just purchased the car and it has the first generation completely warped scoop). I was told what photos to send for verification and how to order scoop when they do a production run. I've emailed the images twice and also emailed without images several times but no reply. Don't want to be a pain but it's been a month with no acknowledgement. Is there an alternative email other then the Jeremy one? thanks
  9. Came across a fellow Shelby GT owner today. It's a first for me. I noticed he had the Cobra grill logo insert . I had to ask and his take was that there was no GT350 so there is nothing wrong with adding Cobra add ons. I admit I like the Cobra grill but I don't want to go around being a wanna be. What are the general thoughts of others? Is it a sin?
  10. Thanks for the tips guys. I already have a WeatherTech liner (the cheaper one you cut to size). It still buckles under the plastic lip that cover the rear lights. I think I'll go with the foam idea, pretty easy fix and right at my ability level lol. thanks guys.
  11. I like many was surprised that my 2007 has no spare tire. Problem I am having is if I put anything in my truck the thin board with the carpet on it fold down under the plastic lip that is behind my rear lights etc. it doesn't lay flat. Has anyone found an easy fix? I don't want to buy a spare. thanks
  12. Thanks guys, glad to be here.
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