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    Always loved the Shelby and Im interested in building a super snake out of my GT Premium (I live in South America)

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  1. Hello this is my first post here, My name is Moises and I have a 2015 Premium GT (with the 50aniversary appeal pkg, Power pack 2 and handling packaged from Ford performance) this is the 3th Mustang in my family and I love this car so much I really dont feel like selling it for a new one, because this Car was a Gift from my Grand father, I actually had done som mods to it like retrofiting Sync 3, PP gauges and digital gauges, but what I always wanted is to have a Shelby car, so I would love to turn this car into a SS or a GT-E, or Shelby GT but there is a little problem... I live in south America, (Bogota, Colombia to be precise)... And for what I understood the car must be taken to a Shelby facility located in USA or Europe to be turned into a Shelby and due to National Laws the car Cannot be exported, modified and then imported again, I would love to take my car to USA so it can be build but its simply NOT possible. At some point I just though on Ordering the supercharger, the Penske track pack, the shelby brakes and all the other supersnake parts I could from ShelbyStore so I could have my own SS clone, but I felt like the people who put GT350 badges on a GT... there are really good shops on here who had bult certified Roush Stage 3 Mutangs and Hennesey Camaros and Chargers, is it possible for me to built the SS or the GT-E here In colombia and paid someone at Shelby to come here and inspect the car was built right and has everything? hell... Even Paid someone at Shelby to build the car here or shomething so I can have a Certified Shelby car? Also there are new GT350 for sale in my Country but with a price tag of 80.000+ USD and the upcoming GT500 going in over 130.000 USD they are out of the cuestion plus I really do not want to sell this GT Is there Anything I could do Living in Cololombia to have a Certified Shelby car? thank U guys!
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