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  1. hey not sure if you already checked the Online Store no sure if these are what you are looking for but here you go https://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/s550-spoiler.htm https://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/spoilerh.htm if not... you can also contact Mustang Motorsports as you live in Australia they are def the go to on shelby stuff there https://www.mustangmotorsport.com.au/ hope this works!
  2. no a Shelby car but here are some pics of my 2nd place last week
  3. Do anyone knows if Shelby Performance Parts will produce these LED fog lights? they shown to be discontinued / Delayed from the stores... Im looking to buy some fog lights for my 350 Style bumper
  4. thanks! yeap that´s the way Im gonna go for the moment, I can Import anything I want as long its new, (or doesn't look TOO used or broke at least) and have recipe of purchase, I have a warehouse in Miami were I actually sent all the things I buy, and from there I usually get them on my home to Colombia by next day so its pretty straight forward process, at this point all the parts I got so far for the GT are from ford performance, Drake Or shelby store (aside from the steeda suspension parts and a beautifull GT350 style bumper I got from AM )
  5. I´ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I was about to buy a Twin Turbo from my friends at Central florida turbo, Until I learned about the Super Snake and I fell in love with that car, I truly want One of those.. and I am currently on a legal process called "Tutela", Tutela is when you legally demand the government to give you an answer on something, on my case, A permission for my mustang to be shipped to las vegas to be Improved, this can take up to 2 or 3 years tops, and I just began the leal process like a week ago, but I have a Really good chance , as the Shelby SS or Shelby GT would retain all the passive and active safety requirements by far and retains the Cats and level nice within permitted by law and its done by a established shop this create a loophole, this is why Its very sure Ill end up getting my approve and would set a milestone for other mustang owners to do the same,Unfortunately this process is not cheap as the lawyer fees are killing me but worth it If I can have the very first Shelby SS in Colombia and probably South America This is why install turbos or any other forced induction on my GT would be a waste of money if Im dead set on turning my GT into a Shelby SS, but you are right, force Induction is pretty much mandatory If I want to race and being competitive. Oh thank you Steven, to be honest I haven't posted anything on my car as.. its just a mustang GT with some parts handmade by me and my company to improve it on the track, but Ill upload some photos when I finish it... probably tomorrow Ill get a set of CS3 wheels and the front brembro brakes as the racing season will resume again very soon.
  6. wow!! I just read everything, Amazing articles about the Owners, I'm totally going to print this and keep it !!!
  7. thanks at this point a tribute car feels like the only way to go but feels kinda wrong to use any "Shelby logo or badge" on it, I loved to race on my S550 as I feel really comftable with this mustang, the car is now being rebuilt In one of the best shops in south America to help me get better times as the coyote engine sufocates due to the alttitude of 8530 feets over sea level, the power from a stock coyote Gen 2 can be reduced up to 30%!!! last dino I did on race gas was 335 RWHP due to the lack of oxigen... so the mustang feels heavy and slow on some cities like bogota wile turbo and supercharged engines do not have this issue (this is one of the biggest Issue with the GT350... as it cost almost the same as a Zl1 (about 120.000+ usd ) and the GT350 is beaten by cars like BMW240 and Zeat Leon Cupra), keeping in mind this, I bought parts could help my coyote engine to get as much air as possible. I bought a ported 18 GT intake, power pack 2 from shelby store, ford performance camshaft kit from ford performance, 5.2 Heads with its valve train, Im keeping stock headers for the moment as Im really searching for the best ones, ( Really sad shelby is only sellng Gen 1 coyote Headers) I also bought 350 replica Plastic bumper and fenders, and made custom under body pannels to reduce drag as much as possible with front and rear Air ducts to keep my brakes cool, also I bought track handling stage 1 and 2 from steeda and this week Illl buy Shelby CS14 Wheels with Toyos on them , my future plans for this car is to get ta fully built street track suspension and some large performance brakes and finally get a supercharger, (this is why a SS would have been the perfect car with its 2.9 wipple and its penske suspension) but Im exited as my car will be way more competitive. Im here because I would love some help and feedback from experienced people who know mustangs for almost 50 Years, thats why I joined Team Shelby. here is a little render of my protect
  8. Unfortunately the Answer is no, due to Colombia Laws if you want to Import a mustang Or any other car Only way it must be Stock brand new from factory so cant buy a 2019 Shelby SS, Nor I can take my GT 15´ to be modified In las vegas, and even I you manage to Import it somehow NO COMPANY would insurance that car and that would be an issue as Insurance is mandatory to road on streets and to attend some events .... they made this law because some stupid guys start to import heavy modified Sport cars, one of them crashed and killed the driver, his family and some pedestrians because they where not for street use at all, removed their airbags running track only tires and stuff like that... Im really sorry I didn't mean to cause Any trouble, when I saw the "Are you looking to make your Ford Mustang or Raptor EXTRA special, but don't need a whole package upgrade" I saw that as an option so I could improve my car performance using Shelby parts and have some Advice on it, as I actually use my GT (Not performance pack) for Racing events like Hill Climbs and Time attacks a lot. again, sorry if my comments may have caused Any trouble...
  9. Hello @shelbymotorsports Is this still Available? as someone from colombia I cant get my 2015 GT to be built into a SS or a Shelby GT so this would be awesome
  10. Hello this is my first post here, My name is Moises and I have a 2015 Premium GT (with the 50aniversary appeal pkg, Power pack 2 and handling packaged from Ford performance) this is the 3th Mustang in my family and I love this car so much I really dont feel like selling it for a new one, because this Car was a Gift from my Grand father, I actually had done som mods to it like retrofiting Sync 3, PP gauges and digital gauges, but what I always wanted is to have a Shelby car, so I would love to turn this car into a SS or a GT-E, or Shelby GT but there is a little problem... I live in south America, (Bogota, Colombia to be precise)... And for what I understood the car must be taken to a Shelby facility located in USA or Europe to be turned into a Shelby and due to National Laws the car Cannot be exported, modified and then imported again, I would love to take my car to USA so it can be build but its simply NOT possible. At some point I just though on Ordering the supercharger, the Penske track pack, the shelby brakes and all the other supersnake parts I could from ShelbyStore so I could have my own SS clone, but I felt like the people who put GT350 badges on a GT... there are really good shops on here who had bult certified Roush Stage 3 Mutangs and Hennesey Camaros and Chargers, is it possible for me to built the SS or the GT-E here In colombia and paid someone at Shelby to come here and inspect the car was built right and has everything? hell... Even Paid someone at Shelby to build the car here or shomething so I can have a Certified Shelby car? Also there are new GT350 for sale in my Country but with a price tag of 80.000+ USD and the upcoming GT500 going in over 130.000 USD they are out of the cuestion plus I really do not want to sell this GT Is there Anything I could do Living in Cololombia to have a Certified Shelby car? thank U guys!
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