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  1. My 5.0 liters were from 1985, 1990 and 2002. If Ford doesn't want to sell me a car, fine.
  2. Well, my second personal car is a 2012 GT500 convertible. It carries 4 people, I smile every time I climb in it, and it has a lovely exhaust sound... but limited modern electronics. It has the performance package, and I even enjoy the ride quality and the solid rear axle which demands your attention on rough surfaces. I don't care about 0-60 times or track behavior, and I know the body flexes more than a hardtop but don't care. It's my fun car. I don't like the 5.0 engine, particularly with the GT500. I've owned three 5.0 Mustangs in the past. Don't want a new GT500. I want the Voodoo engine, if I'm getting a new car. Shelby makes a 5 liter convertible, how hard would it be to build a GT350? I already have a fast hardtop car, An Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quad, which I just drove on a 7500 mile road trip. That's my everyday car.
  3. Well, I'd happily buy one. Don't care about the track.
  4. I've been reading about the new GT350... if I could, I'd plunk down a deposit on a convertible tomorrow. Does anybody else wish for one?
  5. Thanks; It appears that those GT350 convertibles are really rare. I sure wish I could enjoy the cross-plane engine in a convertible. I'm an old fart, so I'm not interested in performance numbers I just enjoy the sound... and I have a Alfa Stelvio Quattroporte which has outrageous 0-60 figures. I think I'll just wait and see if they produce a GT500 convertible.
  6. A few months ago I bought my first Shelby, a GT500 convertible. I find the 550 hp... adequate, and I'd love to buy a GT350 convertible before the Voodoo engine goes away. I'd plunk down a deposit on one Monday if I could. If they'd make a GT500 convertible, 760 hp is more than I need, but I'd buy one of those if I couldn't get a 350 convertible. Is anybody else interested in pressing SVT to give us a convertible?
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