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  1. Hey guys, I had been looking around for the list of production numbers for 2018 and I found it! Looks as if I'm 1 of 6 👍
  2. Thanks, I'll hit them up after the holiday! Happy 4th everyone & congrats tom14cat14!!
  3. Hi Jim & thanks for the welcome!! Yea, I just got her a couple weeks ago & enjoying every minute behind the wheel. I look forward to meeting up with you guys in the future!! Unfortunately, I quit FaceBook a couple years ago, so I can be contacted through the site or my email - eric.the.madman@gmail.com. Once I speak with Dave, I'll give him my phone number. Thanks again & ya'll have a great weekend!
  4. Hi Shelby Team!! New guy here & pinned, wish more folks would have used the detailed pin as I did to include my email address. Would be great help to find folks who want to get a weekend cruise in near me. I look forward to being part of the Shelby family!! BTW, I'm in Carlsbad, CA north of San Diego ... if anyone wants to get together for a cruise, please hit me up!!
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