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  1. Do you remember if you used the 'violet' wire from the adaptor box? Whether that was is used or not will tell me how to connect the other wires, thanks Oj
  2. Thanks, I spoke with them and they didn't know how it was connected. It seems the tach could be voltage or current triggered, depending on which side of the coil it was connected to. The adaptor can connect either way. As usual things are always more complicated than they should be.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate that. 'Back in day' I crewed for Charlie Kemp, not on his GT350 but the CanAm car, the GT350 is a very special little car, congratulations. They put the MSD in the trunk of this one. I'll have a looksee at the SAAC, thanks, Oj
  4. I may have posted this in the wrong section, its duplicated in any event. I'm working on a '67 GT500 that has been fitted with an MSD ignition, the original tach won't work with the MSD so I bought the MSD adaptor #8920. The problem is that I don't know if the original tach signal came from the positive or the negative side of the coil and the connection to the adaptor is different (of course, why can't anything be as simple as it should be?). I have the '67 Mustang Electrical Assembly manual but it doesn't show the tach option. Anybody on here know how it was connected? I suspect Shelby did it the same for a bunch of years and models. Thanks, Oj
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