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  1. I recieved mine also today but without thos decals on my box.... Made in China??! What???? China? No way!🤬
  2. Curious how they came from Shelby...
  3. Thanks but this post is "from which direction do you slide your pins in" from the outside in or do you slide your pins in from inside to out. Not about rust.
  4. Well i though that if i received the file email i could transfer it to a cf card and install it into the tool. I guess not. Thanks for the replies.
  5. So if the file is emailed to me i can save it on my computer?
  6. Ok, so where can I get the original 07 shelby gt original tune file to download and save for safe keeping.....
  7. An update on the Fays2 Watts Link install... The install has been completed and I had a special guest come over "voluntarily" to make final adjustments. Thank You Mr.Fay for all of your help and a thank you to all that helped here on this post.
  8. Thank you. What i would really really like to do is have the original shelby tune right now just to have.... saved in a computer for safe keeping before the hot rod cams are installed. I dont know if that is possible or not. This tunning stuff is new to me...
  9. A custom tune, meaning i have to bring it in to have it dyno'd? Where can i get this pro cal 2 tool? I thought i had read that ford performance has keys for the pro cal tool? Keys meaning pre installed tune on the pro cal tool for certain mods for the vin on the car. Im new at this, clearly im missing something.
  10. Are the Pro Cal 2 tools available for 07 SGT? Im thinking I may need one after installing FP Hot Rod Cams.... But would also be able to have and save the original 07SGT tune that Shelby had loaded in. Where can I find this tool?
  11. Ok... so we have hood pins on our SGT's. Inserting the hood pins from the outside or from the inside. Which do you prefer and why? What is the correct placement? Do your hood pin lanyards match same as left and right? Lets see some pics!
  12. Looking for a original 07-08 Shelby cover that could be bought through Shelby. The link that you have posted would be my second choice. Thanks for your searching. Much appreciated 👍
  13. So.... dont they mfg. 1 piece plugs for the sgt?
  14. Yes it does fit like a glove 👍 Its all installed. Very nice piece. When I change the oil i will take note of your cardboard idea. Much appreciated... What was the torque spec on that transmission cooler scoop? Thanks
  15. I sent him a email you had provided. No reply back.... Would you happen to know his ebay id to see what he has? I appreciate your efforts in assisting in my search. Thx
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