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  1. Yes it does fit like a glove 👍 Its all installed. Very nice piece. When I change the oil i will take note of your cardboard idea. Much appreciated... What was the torque spec on that transmission cooler scoop? Thanks
  2. I sent him a email you had provided. No reply back.... Would you happen to know his ebay id to see what he has? I appreciate your efforts in assisting in my search. Thx
  3. I will try contacting him. Does he have an fleabay store or is he in this forum? Thanks Bikeboy
  4. I will call him today. Do you know where they are out off? Wisconsin??
  5. I didn't damn, but she's at 100ft/lbs I have it installed. It was a process let me tell ya.. What am I look g for when adjusted properly. I put her back on the ground to see if the link bars were level. The passenger side is tilting up a hair. I may have to adjust the axle tube bracket a bit lower? It's so... close to 4 o'clock. Axcel could be shifted towards the passenger side a bit. What is the best way to accomplish best results adjustment wise? Up and down on the lift 100 times? 😂 Also the center pivot bolt is in the lowest setting. Couldn't put in center because of clearance issues... will this be a problem?
  6. Thank you for all of your help. I found some bolts and nuts that were laying around in a bin and accomplished the mission. Thank you again everyone. I will right down those bolt and nut numbers. Thank you for that. This will come in handy for others installing the Shelby transmission cooler scoop. I think it looks OK.... Now I have to figure out how to add pictures here. Size restriction...
  7. Thank you for that. What is the procedure of making sure the axle is centered when adjusting? What location should that center bolt be adjusted to, top, middle, bottom? I dont want to screw nothing up.
  8. So i received my shelby watts ling and now im having second thought installing it on my 07 sgt. The more research i do the more im leaning towards the simple ford performance adjustable panhard. Any thoughts to ease my mind? Is it really nesessary to install what seems to be a complicated, more moving parts watts link when a simple adjustable panhard will do the job for less $$$? I feel i am jumping the gun on this.
  9. Thanks Steven for your help. I'll figure it out. What you suggested is what I ended up doing. 👍
  10. I called and asked about just hardware 4 bolts 4 nuts. I want them to be ford hardware. Speaking to some of these parts guys is a joke. He said that the bolts on the brace ar spot welded and the nuts are seperate. Personally i dont think they are but wasnt going to argue with the guy as he may be correct. This kit should have came with the hardware knowing the sgt did not come with a pencil brace. The nuts are 10mm but dont know the thread pitch for the correct bolt. I want to use Ford bolts. https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/arm-assy-front-suspension-7811969-1#sectionId:4130396
  11. Because the Ford parts guy says that the bolts are spot welded/part of bracket and doest know what bolts or nuts to use for the bracket. Yes all i need is the hardware and would like to keep it ford bolts and nuts. I called twice and it was a hassle...
  12. So, I am in need of help. The Shelby transmision cooler scoop/brace is incorporated withe the scoop. My question is..... I need the correct 4 bolts and nuts to install this piece since the 07 sgt did not come with this lower control arm brace so I cannot reuse bolts and nuts. I believe convertables did. What I can tell on the x-member diagram is the nut is a 10mm #hn5 but with no thread pitch info. The bolt seems to be not listed and I need 4 of them. Also it does seem that the bolts may be part of the brace? I would like to keep with Ford bolts and nuts. Has anyone have any info to guide me in the right direction? Thank you
  13. Does powerflex sell grease for a grease gun? On my sgt the rear bushings have zerts for rear stabaliser bar. Is the grease clear?
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