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  1. Im thinking about it. What would be best to hook up for our sgt's....a mechanical oil temp gauge or electric
  2. Decided to return. Oil block differs from non supercharged. Little things that are different. In my opinion its a beautiful piece. To bad it wont work for me.
  3. 15 amp mini fuse located in number 58 slot under hood fuse box.
  4. So when the fog lights were stripped from the Mustang GT when our SGT's were born they left the harness and plugs for the fog lights. Which fuse did Shelby American pull when they deleted the Mustang GT fog lights?
  5. Yeah.... recieved my gauge pod set from Shelby American today. Opened my package and it had a boost gauge installed. I ordered a non supercharged version for i have a natural aspirated motor. Im kind of bummed out. How can they get that mixed up....? I was excited but now not so much. Autometer site has carbon fiber oil temp gauge but without Carrolls signature.... i understand mistakes happen and i hate returning shipments. Does anyone have an extra Carroll Shelby complete 2 5/8 carbon fiber oil temp gauge they would like to part with so i can swap out the boost gauge myself instead of returning the shippment? Thanks everyone, hope all are safe.
  6. How wide of a tire am I able to fit on a oem sgt front and rear 18" wheel? Thanks
  7. I recieved mine also today but without thos decals on my box.... Made in China??! What???? China? No way!🤬
  8. Curious how they came from Shelby...
  9. Thanks but this post is "from which direction do you slide your pins in" from the outside in or do you slide your pins in from inside to out. Not about rust.
  10. Well i though that if i received the file email i could transfer it to a cf card and install it into the tool. I guess not. Thanks for the replies.
  11. So if the file is emailed to me i can save it on my computer?
  12. Ok, so where can I get the original 07 shelby gt original tune file to download and save for safe keeping.....
  13. An update on the Fays2 Watts Link install... The install has been completed and I had a special guest come over "voluntarily" to make final adjustments. Thank You Mr.Fay for all of your help and a thank you to all that helped here on this post.
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