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  1. The brand, is it Oracle or Oracal?
  2. Hi guys. I need to change my tires. Although they are with only 9K miles on it, they are 11+ years old. I read above that some people (with original rims) like to use 255/45/18 tires. But I'm wondering if this size won't rub with the fenders. With my originals 235/50/18, occasionally there is some rubbing in the back left.... Anyone with stock suspension (SGT stock) can share the experience of using this bigger 255/45/18 tires? Thanks a lot!
  3. Steven, Thanks for the info. I went through the Shelby Store online and didn't manage to find replacements to the pins and/or lanyards. Do you know if they have this item? Many thanks!
  4. A quick photo showing the after! Still struggling with the ring.... it loses from the pin when I lift it, but way better than what was before.
  5. Nice ride! Indeed, it is more, let's say, discrete than the GT500 spoiler.
  6. I will look for aluminium screws. It isn't something readily available around here. In any case, my hood already has signs of galvanic corrosion, so this is something I will have to address in the (hopefully near) future.
  7. Great! That what I was thinking to do. I will try, thanks! BTW, good ideia, make it first with old covers.
  8. Yes! Otherwise the pin slides loose from side to side....
  9. I also put mine outside-in. But I have a different doubt. What about the pin notch? Do you use it up or down? If I put mine up, the pin slides loose. So I put it down, then the pin hood covers get all scratched... I'm considering to adjust the height of the vertical pin, putting some (little) pressure on the horizontal pin so it stay locked in place. What do you think? My concern is that I just take a brand new pair of pin covers (from Shelby Auctions on eBay, nice transaction) and don´t want to see it scratched like the old ones...
  10. Thank you guys for this warm welcome! I just came back from a 50mi ride. The car is fantastic! Well balanced, really, really nice to drive. The other day I read a post here from a guy that started it with "I'm a kid again!" Well, I think he was absolutely right! Thanks also for the advice and suggestions on the spoiler matter. I do agree that this particular model looks way better without it! I could consider put it in the fireplace, but the wife probably would confiscate my car! Indeed, the body shop is in my list, once I have the corrosion on the hood pins holes to address. Most likely, will deal with both ends at once. But let's first enjoy the new toy for a while, before parking it in the body shop. Guys, it is great to count on your knowledge of these cars. Many thanks!
  11. Hello guys. I'm a new member to this forum and also a very happy new owner of a 2008 Shelby GT. The car is in very good condition, with little more than 6.000 miles (6171,6mi when I took it ten days ago). As a new Shelby GT owner and also being my first Mustang, you can imagine how many questions I do have. I have read the topics of this forum extensively. Lots of useful information here. For instance, I already learned that, being late to the party (in addition to be located in Brazil), there are some things I couldn't enjoy, such as the Ford / Shelby warranty for galvanic corrosion of the hood. This is an issue I will have to deal with at some point. But a specific question that came to my mind is about the GT500 wing installed in my car. The work is so well done I'm almost believing the previous onwer talk that it would have been installed at the factory .... is it possible? Has anyone heard of any Vista Blue 2008 Shelby GT that had the wing installed at the factory (I mean, at Shelby)? Personally, I do not like this wing and intend to remove it. My second doubt, then, is whether anyone has any suggestions on how to plug/fix the holes in the boot lid. Many thanks!
  12. I was pretty much in the same doubt little time ago, but also considering the 2012 302 Boss. This one had a nice price and sold quickly. Then I bought a 2008 Shelby GT. Very, VERY happy with the car. It is fun, without being a (altought fun, but maybe dangerous) beast. In my opinion, the car drawn attention at the shows. Last weekend we had the 15th edition of the annual meeting of the Mustang Club of Sao Paulo and the public reaction to the Shelby GT was amazing.
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