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  1. Hope everyone is doing well and being safe. I am curious on exhaust modification and weight. 1. In terms of exhaust does anyone know what is a good exhaust modification that i can look into that doesnt exceed 102.9 dba? 2. How much weight is put on the gt350 when the car comes with the electronics package and powered "leather" seats"? i dont want to sound spoiled, I am happy with my car, but I can't help but think that maybe I should have not got the car with all these excessive things I dont need that just add weight. I dont need powered leather seats that dont hold me well when going side to side at a track for non competitive driving, and at the time when getting it I didn't realize this one came with a built in stereo set thing in in the trunk of the car. Point being is this: I wanted this car to be my daily driver and be the car that I can use for the track so I can have more seat time for myself. This may not be the car I will use for competitive racing, but the fact it gets me seat time without having to keep renting a track car every time. I wish I paid closer attention to what I was getting, but I guess thats what happens when I get too excited about getting a car at a dealership. I wanted a car that I can do both daily driver and non competitive tracking, but I never wanted this excessive stuff that doesn't serve my purposes for the car. Anyways, Stay safe stay healthy y'all
  2. Lets say in theory I have a 2012 Mustang 5.0 GT. It's an automatic but I should be able to convert it to manual right? I can turn that car into a race car too and use that for racing maybe. But if track insurance is offered in non competitive side why cant it be offered for competition? Some quotes from email responses I received. "Cars on track while racing are not covered." SCCA "The SCCA insurance is supplemental/secondary to personal primary health insurance." SCCA "There is no collision insurance available for race cars." Pro Drive
  3. I understand that racing isn't cheap. I have done my research ever since I started having this passion for racing since I was 18, but couldn't start on it til last year. I've talked to people and have done further research, I have attended a 3 day racing school and got certification and obtained a novice permit. In order to obtain a full competition license I have to complete 1 regionals which is this upcoming one next month. As much as I hate for my favorite sport to be a rich mans sport there are times I tell myself I wish it wasn't a rich mans sport. Having it to be a rich mans sport is part of the problem racing doesn't have much reputation as a sport compared to NFL or NBA . Money can't buy skill and money can't guarantee 1st place. I mean it would be wonderful for I to be that one underdog who doesn't receive as much funding compared to career drivers and taking first place. I have the time and dedication and I will work as hard as needed to get there, I maybe just starting with this regionals, but I need the right opportunities.
  4. Renting an SRF car from Pro Drive Racing School and I get that read and signed the waiver. I emailed the SCCA and Pro Drive a question in regards to track insurances and some of the statements were: "Cars on track while racing are not covered," SCCA "The SCCA insurance is supplemental/secondary to personal primary health insurance," SCCA "There is no collision insurance available for race cars." Pro Drive
  5. I will be competing my first competition race next month. I have rented an SRF car. What I didn't expect was that for whatever reason there is no collision insurance for competition races. Is there a special reason why there is no collision insurance? Because it sounds like there's more to it than saying "to keep people from being reckless in competition racing." I myself is aspiring to be a racer for more than just a hobby. I know it's not easy or cheap, but I have the time and dedication and all I need are the right opportunities. I know being able to acquire things like sponsors etc is going to be a challenge on its own. I plan on getting to as many races as I can, but aside from that thank you for taking the time to read this.
  6. now that you mention it, it could be water collected from the previous rainy day. this only happened once on a dry day and hasnt been happening since. The very first time this happened was a rainy day when visiting a friend. Aside from those 2 instances it has not happened. Should i still get it looked at?
  7. So this is the first and only time ive noticed this on my 2019 gt 350, of course engines create heat but I saw some sort of steam looking thing coming out of the hood front right side. The car is about 2500 miles in. Im no expert on internal mechanics. About a week before that I started up the car and I heard a snap sound and it sounded like it came from the front of the car. I checked under the hood, but nothing seems to be broken. I have been careful with my car since I first got it. None of the indicators showed any signs of problems of the car, no overheating issue.
  8. I have a new 2019 GT 350 with almost 2k miles on it and runs perfectly well. Not too long ago I found videos on youtube of other GT 350 owners having engine problems. On one of these videos there was a comment saying something along the lines of "Ford knows that these engines have problems. Thats why the 2019 release has Gt 350R parts in it." I'm not an an expert on internal mechanics or engines, but has anyone had engine problem on their GT 350? The following link is that one video that had that comment.
  9. What does TSB stand for? Update: never mind just found it
  10. Thank you but are you sure it wouldn’t matter considering mine is a 2019? The PDF here covers 2015 to 2018
  11. So when you said it fits perfectly now did you take it to service to get it fitted in properly?
  12. After putting a bit over 1300 miles in I noticed certain things that are off about my 2019 Shelby GT 350. Firstly, I noticed there is misalignment of rear body panels though no sign of accident damage though I did see a car suspiciously speeding away from mine after being so questionably close to it as I was at work witnessing it from a window view. Another issue I've been noticing was a very subtle sound when shifting to 2nd gear. I don' hear it in other gears. 1. I got this car brand new. For a $63,000 high performance car to carry the Shelby name while having misaligned body parts is never excusable. If not all the parts of anything are properly installed and flushed in it can affect the aerodynamics of the car and could potentially damage it. I can't help but think what if I drive one day on the highway or on the track and the rear end falls off, or what if water and other stuff get into that gap and some build up happens because of that gap all because of simply cleaning my own car. I chose this car to be both my daily driver and non competitive tracking. The rear right side is perfectly flushed into the car, but the rear left side is obviously not fitted in properly. The gap on that side is very noticeable there's no way you can miss it when compared to the other proper side. The following link is a youtube video of a guy reviewing a new Mustang Bullitt where it amplified my concerns of my own car especially starting at the 2:15 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lK4UBq7iWac 2. As for the sounds of the car when shifting to 2nd gear, this has been happening before I noticed problem #1. Regardless of being in normal or sport mode, if I were to start from 1st gear and try to go fast and let the rev gauge reach somewhere over 5 to 6000 RPM push clutch all the way in and then shift to 2nd gear there's this subtle sound. It doesn't sound like gears grinding, no clunking sounds, no clutch slippage, it gets into the gear just fine, but the source of the sound seems to come from the stick itself making a whirring sound (not sure if accurate, but I'm trying my best to describe it) but it's only happening as I was shifting for the 2nd gear, and I never hear it happening on other gears. I think I should keep experimenting, but for now it seems that the sound it makes happens as the shifting happens and not on the gear itself making the sounds. I could be wrong and pay attention too much to the vibrations that happen when the car is revving high, but a second opinion would help give me a peace of mind and help me figure out what I can do to fix these issues.
  13. So i looked up the Pilot sport A/S 3+ that comes with 285/35 R 19. I cant seem to find them in 295. As for the rear i cant find a 305 but the widest that can be found closes is 325
  14. Thank you for the recommendation. Front size of my shelby gt 350 is 295/35R19 and the back is 305/35R19. Will those P295s fit for the rear? When you say compromise are you saying they will fit but they wont be as wide?
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