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  1. Glad you got another GT500! We are actually having the Cobra Jet lowering springs taken off and placing the factory springs back on. While the look is good, drivability suffers. I cannot enjoy the car while I am constantly concerned about the road surfaces, speed bumps, etc. Would enjoy the GT500 much more just being able to drive it and not worry about bottoming out.
  2. Ok, thanks I will check that out. That AMG GT is one bad vehicle. To me it sounds more like a Shelby GT350 type of engine. - guttural exhaust sound, more like an American car. But it is a fine automobile. He is definitely a Mercedes man, but the good thing is, he loves our GT500!
  3. Mine will not go outside for rain or snow. Ever. I just feel like the all-season tires will better suit what i will do with the car. It won't do track time. Short drives, occasional longer drives or trips, but to have all-season tires "just in case" makes the best sense for me. I believe my brother-in-law's AMG GT came with the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and he loves them. But he also takes his to the track (Heartland Park in KS, and Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX).
  4. Thank you! That was the one tire that kept surfacing when I did the Tire Rack search. I think I will go with those! Appreciate it.
  5. Mine appear to be about 6 years old according to the sidewalls. And there is some cracking. It is certainly more about age rather than mileage with the current set of tires. I would prefer some type of all-season performance tires. Michelins, Bridgestones or ????? I won't be taking this to the track or driving hard and fast. Just need decent all seasons. Recommendations anyone?
  6. What is it with people disparaging a 2013-2014 Shelby GT500? Run-in with some BMW or Porsche twerp, harping that our cars will never be collectible. How the heck would that type of person know? Don't care what they think. Everyone has an opinion. But just what is their beef??????
  7. One thing I know... at this point I will be respectful of its capabilities. My wife and my insurance company are OK with me owning one as long as I act my age... 60. 🙁
  8. 2019 4Runner. Gotta have something to plow through the ice and snow!
  9. New here. Bought a 2013 GT500 with 11,182 miles on her. All stock except for lowering springs and Michelin tires.I have lots to learn about these cars. i have owned 4 other Mustangs : '67 convertible, '86 GT, '89 GT and a 2007 Mustang GT. But this is at a different level...
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