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  1. Will do. Too cold to trust the tires anyway! Going to the Mecum auction in early December. I want to demonstrate to the wife that these cars are special. AND... we are going to Ford vs. Ferrari this weekend so she can get a sense of who Carroll Shelby was. We went to the Vegas Shelby mecca a few months ago and she is beginning to see what I mean.
  2. Thanks! Yes, I wrapped up the steel wool balls with old microfiber small cloths when I put her back in the lock-up yesterday afternoon. Great recommendation! Had some guy in an old souped up Chevy pickup roll by as i was detailing the car. He just flat nailed his accelerator to make sure I noticed him. Crazy the full spectrum of responses folks have to seeing these cars. Everything from smiles and thumbs-up to out-and-out anger and hostility toward them. Weird.
  3. Thank you everyone for your ideas and experiences. The Mouse Magic peppermint packets are strong! It even irritated my eyes a bit. I placed a packet on top of each tire as the guy at Suburban Lawn and Garden stated. Spread some dryer sheets inside and outside the car, two mousetraps and steel wool in each of the exhaust tips. I do plan on getting her out when the streets are clear and zero threat of any precipitation. It is only 22 degrees here this morning (KC), but tomorrow 61 and Sunday 57. So i am going to get her out and bring her home for the weekend. i hope to do that often. you never know what winters in Kansas City are going to be like. Having said all that, I love this car. It is a lifelong dream fulfilled. So you can bet I will do whatever I can to preserve her.
  4. Thanks Macman. We put her away yesterday afternoon. Did the Mouse Magic thing, the dryer sheets thing, the steel wool in the exhaust pipes thing, the Sta-Bil thing, and set a few mouse traps. Hopefully good to go. Crazy thing is that it will be around 60 degrees here in KC the next few days. Saturday, I may get her out for the weekend anyway. I feel I should and want to do this whenever the weather is good, the temps are Ok and the streets are clean. I really want to enjoy it when conditions are right. Having said that, the low next Monday night will be 17 degrees in KC.
  5. We have never done this before, first off. I would much rather have her at home, but the wife wants both daily drivers inside when the weather is bad. So I get it. Anyway, found a space at a very near iStorage facility. A 10 x 20 foot space that is available for $109 per month. A month-to-month type of deal. Anyone have experience doing this? I plan on checking on her weekly, if not every other week, since she will be close. I will want to start her up and run her - drive her if possible (when the roads are totally dry and clear). I will add some Stabil 360 to a full tank of BP 93 octane gas. In the past, folks talk about placing mothballs under the car to keep mice away - if that is a concern. I have a small air compressor that i can take with me each time I go and check on her to keep the tires full. Car cover? What else? If I was leaving her for a month at a time - or worse, without checking on her, that would perhaps be different. Help or ideas????? Thank you in advance!
  6. Congrats! I have now owned a '13 since July. I totally get the love affair with these cars now. The attention it gets whenever you take it out makes my old '07 Tungsten GT seem like a Corolla or Camry. Last night we went to fill her up with some 93 octane at a BP station and a guy in a '65 coupe - nicely done, too, pulled in to take a look at my GT500. These cars are special. It was only 55 degrees last night, too, and I also found out how easy these cars can step out on you if you get the revs too high in 2nd gear. Lesson learned!
  7. Yes. Mine has the two seat buttons at the bottom of the stack. Standard seats, which are good for me.
  8. Thanks everyone. Since we picked her up from Bob Allen Ford I have driven a couple times this past weekend. It drives so much better and handles so much better. I have reached out to the dealership to see if I can get anymore history on the car. Eventually I will get information. Fingers crossed that she hasn't been abused too much. I really like the car. For how we will use and drive the car, the factory suspension appears to be just fine. Our bank account is just fine, but bugging the wife to do something extra, after buying the car from the dealership outright, likely wouldn't fly. Gotta keep the peace around the old homestead, so to speak.
  9. This is the engine compartment. See anything out of the ordinary? It appears stock to me...
  10. Just a pair of electronic - switch controlled, exhaust baffles to let it breathe completely or to close it down to make it quieter. All that I can tell. I hope that the 11,182 miles were not gained one quarter mile at a time.
  11. Our 2013 GT500 was purchased with the Cobra Jet lowering springs installed - front and back. While it looked "cool" by some folks' standards, it was just not very practical. I found it somewhat stressful driving on roadways that ranged from very smooth to rutted asphalt, etc. Speed bumps and transitions from street and entryways/driveways was always a concern. After two bottoming out episodes I decided that I had had enough. We had our dealership reinstall the factory coil springs, and replace the chin spoiler, which had been scraped and actually cracked, and the front and back end aligned properly. This car only has 11,182 miles on her, and it was better for her to be returned to the stock ride height. Picked her up last night and I couldn't be happier. I do not feel the car was in proper alignment while wearing the Cobra Jet springs. You could tell by how it drove. After a 4-wheel alignment, what a difference. I just gave the Cobra Jet springs to my tech guy. I never want to see those springs again. I came away realizing that messing with the suspension geometry on these cars is just not a good idea for the longevity of them. While lowering can be done properly with new control arms, pan hard bars, etc., it just is not worth it. Enjoyed the drive home; stopped at a BP station and fed her 93 octane fuel, and all is right with our GT500 now. P.S. With the Cobra jet springs installed, the entire car was lowered 2 inches.
  12. Glad you got another GT500! We are actually having the Cobra Jet lowering springs taken off and placing the factory springs back on. While the look is good, drivability suffers. I cannot enjoy the car while I am constantly concerned about the road surfaces, speed bumps, etc. Would enjoy the GT500 much more just being able to drive it and not worry about bottoming out.
  13. Ok, thanks I will check that out. That AMG GT is one bad vehicle. To me it sounds more like a Shelby GT350 type of engine. - guttural exhaust sound, more like an American car. But it is a fine automobile. He is definitely a Mercedes man, but the good thing is, he loves our GT500!
  14. Mine will not go outside for rain or snow. Ever. I just feel like the all-season tires will better suit what i will do with the car. It won't do track time. Short drives, occasional longer drives or trips, but to have all-season tires "just in case" makes the best sense for me. I believe my brother-in-law's AMG GT came with the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and he loves them. But he also takes his to the track (Heartland Park in KS, and Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX).
  15. Thank you! That was the one tire that kept surfacing when I did the Tire Rack search. I think I will go with those! Appreciate it.
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