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  1. Hmmmm..... Looks familiar somehow (Look to your left) Congratulations again to A.J. and Dan! Thanks for the heads up Dubs!
  2. I was so saddened when I read this last night. There are no words that can adequately express my sorrow and gratitude for his sacrifice. I pray that we never forget and that we always strive to be worthy. May light eternal shine upon Mark and all of our fallen.
  3. Uh... John Set 3 contains a Russian Mig 29 or SU 27 - it's the picture at night with the moon in it.
  4. You are right. Apparently Autozine was mistaken - the "plasma" in front of the "nikasil" should have given it away for me because nikasil is an electrochemical plating technique not a plasma deposition process. The "blog" however, looked very detailed and did contain a lot of good information about the GT-R and it was the first reference that showed inYahoo but I forgot that you can't always believe everything you read on the internet. Sooooo, why does anyone think that the GT-R has had any problems associated with the PTWA?
  5. http://www.autozine.org/html/Nissan/GTR_R35.html "Following the retirement of RB26DETT, Nissan developed a new VR38DETT V6 for the GT-R. Compare with the old straight-6, the 60-degree V6 is shorter and benefits weight distribution of course. This engine is loosely based on the VQ series engine but thoroughly modified – not only added twin-IHI turbochargers and intercoolers, but also converted to hybrid wet/dry-sump lubrication (to withstand high g-force) and closed-deck construction (to increase stiffness). Cast iron cylinder liners have been replaced by a thin layer of plasma coating (Nikasil) in order to reduce friction. Sadly, the variable valve lift mechanism found on VQ37VHR was not used, while the continuous variable cam phasing is limited to intake camshafts only. However, with 3.8 liters of capacity and twin-turbochargers boosting up to 0.7 bar, its output will never disappoint – 480 horsepower is achieved at 6400 rpm, while 433 lb-ft of torque is available continuously from 3200 to 5200 rpm. The former matches Porsche 911 Turbo, although the latter trails that car a little bit (457 lb-ft from 1950-5000 rpm). The old R34 was good for about 330 hp and 293 lb-ft, so the new car is massively more powerful. Our only disappointment is the IHI turbochargers. Reason one is that they do not have variable vane geometry like Porsche 911 Turbo. This explain why the engine feels less responsive than the Porsche under 3000 rpm. Reason two is that they are made of stainless steel instead of the previous car's ceramic. Although stainless steel turbines are lighter and quicker to spool up, they are less resistant to heat than ceramic turbines. This mean the new GT-R has less space for power tuning. Besides, the turbochargers are now integrated with the exhaust manifolds, so replacing them requires a great deal of work and money."
  6. That's because the Nissan GT-R DID NOT use PWTA! It used an entirely different process called NIKASIL. It's only natural to think that they are comparable but they aren't. Nikasil is a wet electrochemical coating process while PWTA is a mechanical process.
  7. There were many topics that discussed this previously. here's one of them: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php?/topic/53894-good-read-on-fords-2011-aluminum-block-technology/page__p__917211__hl__PWTA__fromsearch__1entry917211
  8. You don't have the Canon 14mm L F2.8 do you?
  9. Thanks for posting those photos. Gotta love the WA
  10. Hey Blip - his honor looks a little anxious
  11. 1:00 o'clock lab band at NT - smooooooth :happy feet:
  12. I'm glad that you posted the dates! Got 'em marked on the calendar. I'm looking forward to staying at the Gage again. It's been 7 years since I was there. Glad to hear that the white buffalo is still there.
  13. As "romantic" as the Panther Junction story seems, I am highly dubious. Our (mountain) lions are real loners unlike the African lions. One thing that folks say about Big Bend is; "you might not see a panther during your visit but a panther has seen you"
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