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  1. I’ve had the hood stops readjusted by the dealer body shop, and it still has the same lift in the wind. I was actually just looking at struts the other day, looks like I’ll be getting some and see if they help. I wanted them anyway so I can lift the hood at shows and not have the standard hood brace arm in the way. Thanks for the info, it was very helpful. I was also thinking of the hood pins as well but not sure about putting holes in my hood just yet. Any thoughts on those?
  2. I’m new here so I’m not sure if I start a new post or just put it here. Finally got a good day run yesterday On my 2019 GT350 and I’m noticing a lot of hood flutter on it around 70mph and up, or when trucks pass the other direction it lifts and flutters a lot. Sitting in the garage the hood looks perfectly aligned and sits great, but at speed i almost feel like that latch could give way and there goes my hood. Anyone have this issue, is it normal? Is there an adjustment that can or should be made? Thanks.
  3. I’m curious which letter Shelby skipped. If 17s were H my 2019 is K2600. So did they skip the I or the J?
  4. Just got my 2019 GT350 2 weeks ago. Absolutely love it!! Wish I had done this sooner!
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