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  1. I’m trying to figure out how to value these. They don’t seem to come up for sale as a whole set often. I see people selling them one chip at a time or in small bundles. I’ve seen prices guessed all over the boards like $300-$500 or to keep them and sell them chip by chip. I’ve had a couple Shelbys so I guess it’s not a surprise they’d be worth something but I don’t want to gouge someone and I don’t want to give them away either, any help?
  2. Saw an old post of yours about looking for the Shelby Poker Chip Set. It’s been a while and you probably found what you’re looking for but I’ve got a set and am researching values and saw your post from ‘15-‘16ish. Anyway, I’m going to sell my set soon and thought I’d let you know. 

  3. Anyone ever respond ? I’m going to sell mine. (Yes, I know this is years later - lol)
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