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  1. What should be considered to maintain originality and value for a 2007 Shelby GT500 40th Anniversary CSM No 07XL0196? Is it possible to increase HP that would be similar to a factory option (605 HP)? If so, how and can the car be represented as original (a factory upgrade done after the fact)? Thanks, Mark
  2. Thanks for the info Ford Fest. Yeah, if you have those listings that would be great. Did they sell? Mark
  3. Good question GT500FLYBOY. The 40th Anniversary edition seems like a lot of car for current market money and a good collector car the the limited #’s. With these considerations what models should I add to my radar? thank you, Mark
  4. Hello - I am currently in the market for a 2007 Shelby GT500 40th Anniversary (coupe). My color preferences are Tungsten and Red. In addition to finding the right car (reputable dealer/brokers and or sites listing these cars) I’m looking for advise so to avoid any costly mistakes. What documentation should accompany the car? Any know issues? Etc. I continue to browse this forum for a lot of the questions I’ve had and found a wealth of info. I hope to have a Shelby soon and get to know the rest of the owners of this awesome automobile. Thank you, Mark
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