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  1. Hey, Thanks for posting this I have a 2010 Mustang GT I am interested in having the engine up grated from a 4.6 Ltr V-8 with a Rousch supercharger to a 5.2 Ltr with a different supercharger will probably have to have the transmission re worked along with the brakes etc.. The car is a sterling grey it is an absolutely beautiful car. I live in Parker Colorado and I don't know anyone that would do the type of engine work and basically up grade the car. As I am going to pass this car down to my Son. It has very low mileage as I don't drive it that much only in the spring and summers. I was inquiring about Shelby American in Vegas but they could really not give me a definitive price on how much it would cost to have this work done. The car is realistically a race car. Or at least when I purchased it, It only had 20,000 miles on it. Perhaps you could offer some advice on what I could do to have this car re worked Thanks Wayland J. Erdman Col U.S. Army Email viper1445@yahoo.com
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