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  1. Still waiting on the dealer for there final outcome. Well the R package is actually pretty rare. They only made 400-500 a year of them. The regular gt350 they have made over 5,200 a year. So regardless of the fact the engine replacement will go into car fax showing a over $15,000 repair on the car. I’m just hesitant to go for a buy back or keep the car. I have also been looking to see if there is any dealers that has the same car the way I want and I can’t find any in stock. At least not local to me within 200 miles
  2. UPDATE!!!! So took the GT350R to dealer and came out that engine is seized and need new engine!!! WOOOW! 250 miles on the car and new engine????? Please someone let me know what you think of this..... If they replace my engine what is the point of keeping the car? All bolts and screws will be lose and will cause problems in the future! Also new engine will not match the chassis of the car and since my car is the R package it will lose value...... should I start a buy back or ask for a swap out for new GT350R?
  3. Yes tomorrow it’s going to dealer I just don’t really trust anyone with my car so let’s see how it goes. I really don’t have a choice it’s under warranty. Will keep you guys updated on what in the world is going on.
  4. I have a brand new 2019 Shelby GT350R with only 250 miles on it. I was driving on a commercial street and while in 1st gear coming to a stop car shut off. I though the car stalled by its self so I tried to start the car again and all I hear is a click but engine won’t turn and starter won’t turn. Battery was working perfectly fine. Roadside came and tried to jump me but same issue only a click and no start. So we tried to roll start the car and no luck. Seems like the engine won’t turn. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE? Car is going dealer tomorrow but I trust very few people with my car. THANK YOU!
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