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  1. (Slightly venting as well) So my 2017 350r has been drinking....41 quarts in the last 2700 miles. yes. 41. 10 from the oil change, 31 more to keep it going. Like 500 mile drive and bam, time to add 4-6 quarts. This thing has burned through so much oil, and hasnt even been to the track yet. Spent half of the time highway, half city. Yet i take it over to the ole ford dealership, they do their test, and hand me a pamphlet that says “1 quart every 500 miles is normal and within limits” Well yea no shit...mine isnt that, thats why i brought it to you guys! Any advice from other 350 owners because this is terrible, and if “nothing is wrong with it” I’m just going to trade it in for a c8. This is my 2nd shelby and I’ve never seen anything like this before. Did I just get a half-assed assessment from the ford guys or? Any advice helps.
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