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  1. I am new to the Shelby group and have had my 2018 GT350 for a year. I come from a family of backyard mechanics that drove nothing but American Muscle. I was a Pontiac guy primarily, but love cars in general I've owned 1 GTO, 7 different Trans Am's and 4 Firebirds. This is my second mustang, 1st Shelby and I love it. I have the Recaro seats, I stand 6'1" and work out a lot so I am weighing in at 220lbs. I like that these seats are snug and so does the wife. This car is definitely my daily driver because I just can't get enough of being behind the wheel. I take it to the 1/4m track nearly every Saturday night and I do quite well with it, and so far I have not upgraded the engine at all. The Voodoo motor growls and has some great power from the hole shot to the end of the track and it wants more. It is equally impressive on the turns when I get with the mustang club and cruise. My previous car was a 2017 GT, that coyote was pretty impressive, but it doesn't compare to my 350. I plan to hold on to this baby for the long run. I think there are those that are car enthusiasts and there are those that are merely drivers. The GT350 is definitely an enthusiasts car, someone looking to get into a car and go for a drive and maybe do some showing off would be best to buy a coyote. Just my two cents.
  2. New member here. Bought my GT350 here in Guam in Feb 2019. Was looking for something to put on the track and to drive around. Found this GT350 and negotiated a fair price. Love it!
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