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  1. Hello guys, i dont know if anyone knows anything about this jacket, it has the shelby logo in the back at the middle and it says gt500rk production team, on the front it has shelby automobiles on the left and on the right it says something i believe its a last name, so i dont know if anyone knows anything because i have been searching around the internet and i have not found any info, anything you can tell me would be helpful thank you, i also did a forum in case you want to see it
  2. Hello guys, this is my first time posting here on the shelby forum, i have a few questions about a GT500KR Jacket i found, i have been looking everywhere on the internet and i havent seen any info about the jacket, on the back it has the cobra logo in the middle and it says gt500kr production team, on the front it has shelby automobile logo on the left and it has i believe a last name or something like that, if you guys know anything about this jacket let me know please i am very curious about it, i have been trying to look for something similar o prices on this and i havent found anything, i will post some photos later thank you Edit: Here are the photos the one of the front jacket has a black dot because i erased the name for privacy purposes
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