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  1. http://www.karkraft.com/cylinder_heads.htm
  2. We would like to get a registry together of 67/68 Bullitt movie replicas on IMBOC. We are also putting in a new forum section for the cars. If anyone has or knows someone with one please have them contact me. Thanks! gautry@imboc.com
  3. Pictures were taken in Japan this month. Any idea what event?
  4. Very interesting. Anyone know where this is??
  5. Robert has been extremely careful on publishing information and so far everything he has posted on BON has been correct. I have not seen a better source for insider information than him. Let's wait and see before we claim "BS". One Ford Engineer that has posted on IMBOC that stated to us "you will like what we did with the new Bullitt". Whether that means significant HP gains is not known but he is aware of the 01 Bullitt owners complaints about the lack of more HP.
  6. I for one am going to reserve judgement on whether this was "BS" or not. The engine is supported by previously posted articles so I am in wait and see mode.
  7. If this part is correct can you say ADM???? How much are the Shelby GT's getting? 5-10K over MSRP. So much for owning one of these either.... Can't Ford put together a SE car without Shelby's name on it? Dealers are then holding Mustang owners hostage by charging outragious ADMs to get a nice car. I for one hope Shelby's hands do not get on this car. What is the new name the Shelby Bullitt???? Tell us it isn't so Robert.
  8. No good news.... Looks like the 08 is a no show.
  9. Sorry not there. The owner of the 68 has given me some info. He says the Ford display is fantastic. A GT KR, 70 Boss 302, the GT 500s, a GT 40 etc... man I hope he gets some good photos.
  10. There are two Bullitts at the Ford display. They are at the entrance to the display. A 68 movie replica and and 2001 Bullitt 00001 owned by Scott Hoag. maybe just to increase the hipe for the 08 Bullitt but Ford spent some money getting the cars there. We shall see this AM if a new member of the Bullitt family shows up.
  11. Just checked the SEMA web site. Ford is the ONLY American car manufacturer that is holding a scheduled press conference during the SEMA show.... Maybe the 08 Bullitt unveiling??? Any info Robert?
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