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  1. Andrew, WIth or without Club Cobra please consider me a resource. I am happy to answer questions here or on Club Cobra. OR better yet hit me up: email is jeff@nostalgicmotoring.com or call 586.489.5990 Jeff
  2. Hi Andrew All really good questions In terms of colors here are the original colors that can be ordered: Guardsman Blue A-1630Charcoal (Lincoln Charcoal Frost) A-1786Ivy Green (Custom) A-1738Raven Black A-946Maroon (Custom)Silver (1965 Lincoln Silver Mink) A-1784White - A-1347Rangoon Red A-1440-R On engines, 15 years ago big block motors were the choice. Even if 390/460 and not period correct. Now, most cobras are 351w bored/stroked to 427. Yes, they don't look period correct (as in a BB) but they are easier to work on, improved weight distribution and can produce nearly the HP/TQ of BB so you get the loping cam, the rumble, the feeling of pulling like a freight train with high revs and weight distribution for handling. On transmissions the period correct would be a 4 speed. Most replicas are using tremec 5 speed and many the 6 speed Superformance suspenion is their own design and very good. Backdraft using BMW suspension and having driven both handles and rides much better Brakes, I prefer the brembo but candily is not necessary for street. Comes standard on Superformance and an option on Backdraft. Happy to help..keep the questions coming. Jeff
  3. Greetings Cobra Addict! I am very happy to help you with your questions. I have been involved with Cobras since the 90's and very knowledgeable of the leading replicas. Superformance (SPF) and Backdraft (BDR) Cobras stand out as they are manufactured replicas in South Africa and not an owner-assembled kit. As a result there is consisent and high quality standards applied by the factory. As pointed out in another response SPF is a Shelby licensed Cobra replica. And the only brand with that privilege. It does however come at a cost. Backdraft Cobras are very similar in quality and a great option. In some cases BDR excells such as comfort, ride and handling. 351W based motors are the most popular as builders can get upwards of 600hp, gobs of torque and rpm without going to a big block. Most of our orders are either the 480 or 550 carb'd versions. I am happy to help you directly. Please feel free to drop me a note to jeff@nostalgicmotoring.com or call 586.589.5990. Also feel free to check out our inventory: https://nostalgicmotoringltd.com/vehicles and we can build a BDR to your specs. Stay Healthy Jeff
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