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  1. Apologies for the delay! Here is the beast. Its been decent weather here the last few days, already have put on 750 miles on her. This car gets a lot of attention, from my neighbors, neighbors' neighbors and then some.
  2. A lot of tri state dealers in general won’t budge on what they want to sell for because they know some guy is going to walk thru their doors and pay a wad of cash. I was thinking with Covid the tri state market would soften but some are still holding their ground. I’m glad I didn’t give in even for a couple of thousand and instead was able to get the car I want at a price I could afford and in turn support a family run business out.
  3. Yeah, it was listed for 64500. With Tech package, Carbon fiber instrument panel (which is awesome) and some other things.
  4. Quick update guys. The dealer I was working with did not want to budge on the 59k price on the 2019 Shelby GT350. Looked around a bunch on Autotrader and found one listed about 2.5 hours away from me in PA (I am in NJ). Dealer was great to work (all correspondence via email and phone since the dealership was shut due to state issued Covid 19 order). Settled on a 2020 Black Shelby GT350 for 59k. It had all the options I wanted. Just picked up the car yesterday and drove it up. Pretty stoked it's a 2020 and the Black with the black wheels looks amazing. Want to give a shout out to Twin Pine Ford, they were super professional and friendly when we picked the car up, its a family run business which I also like supporting. Really psyched to share some photos soon, its been raining here the last 24 hours Will post some photos of the "Batmobile" when it clears up.
  5. After saving and scrimping for the last 3 years I finally have enough to get into a new GT350. The one I am looking at is a 2019 GT350 in Ruby Red. A local dealer (I am in the tri-state area) is offering $59k on a $66k MSRP vehicle (a lot of options included). Given that the 2020 is the final year run for the GT350 and the fact that this is a 2019 AND that we are in the middle of a crisis where dealers are willing to take things off due to a gap in sales............Do you guys think $59k is a good price for a 2019 well optioned GT350?
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