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  1. Charlie Sheen IS smart..well smarter than CBS, most Americans AND Ilmor HAHA=) WINNING
  2. Wow! That is really a nice ride, SAI really hit the nail on the head! Nice picts, thanks a bunch. KC666
  3. Hey Jeff, So sorry to hear about your Mom, hang in there. Congrats on your promo, you'll love Beer town, its a great place lots of fun...if you like beer! Just dont tell them your from Illinois...we call you Illinois guys FIB's ( F:censored:kin Illinois Bastard) KC666
  4. This is a day we will all remember. My heartfelt condolences to all those who lost loved ones. Many brave men and women lost their lives that day and in the days to come. To the brave men and women of the NYPD and NYFD, thanks for what you did on that fateful day, how you did it and everything that you did in the aftermath. You held us together when in seemed as though nothing could. I traveled to and worked in NYC many many times over the years. I know the city well and as a young man had some incredible adventures there. My business connections all hail from there. The WTC was one of the coolest things in a city of cool things, seeming like magic to touch the sky. The towers in their majesty looked as if to defy the laws of physics. On cloudy days, the top was shrouded in clouds, as if it continued on forever. It was an awe inspiring sight. There was great beauty in its towering simplicity. On September 11, 2001 I was getting ready to go to work when my wife called to me that a plane had hit the WTC. I assumed it was a small plane, like a cessna, an accident, but when I got to the TV it looked like something far larger had hit. It looked bad, but it seemed manageable. We could not have guessed what would happen next. 2 or 3 minutes after we stood there looking at the TV, dumbfounded, the second plane came in, in the shadow of the building. Coming so fast it looked like a missile or something. We screamed NO as it hit the second tower. It was in that moment that we knew this was no accident. Had the world gone mad? What was happening? I wondered if this was some huge Russian or Chinese cruise missile. Soon we saw what it was....airliners. But WHY? Suddenly it dawned on me my friends daughter worked at cantor fitzgerald in tower one. My heart sank. She did not survive. As the day unfolded, the Pentagon was hit, more innocent people died and more acts of bravery were carried out. Flight 93 went down, none of us yet knew the life and death struggle and heroism that had unfolded. Those people probably saved the capitol building from destruction. We watched in horror as men and women were forced to leap to their deaths as people in the middle east cheered. Eventually, to our shock and horror, the buildings came down. This was evil on a grand scale. So many people hurt, so many lives lost or shattered. Senseless, stupid, cowardly all come to mind for those that carried out this ugliness. I still feel intense rage over this. This debt has not yet been paid in full. But today is not the day for rage. Today is the day for remembrance. We will never forget the lives of our countrymen and women lost, the acts of heroism against impossible odds and the many who picked up the pieces, steeled their resolve and kept going about the work of fixing what had been destroyed in the horrific aftermath. We honor you and salute you. Looking upon the lights tracing where the WTC once stood in the night sky, I am filled with sadness, but we will rebuild on that hallowed ground. The precious lives that have been lost though, they can never be replaced. The missing loved ones and friends who will not return will never be forgotten. We will be thinking of you, praying for you. I hope for solace and peace to all those left behind. 911-WE WILL NEVER FORGET
  5. Nice picts Grabber, really a nice compare and contrast of style, old and new. I like 'em both too :happy feet: KC666
  6. Its IS interesting....something looks off though, the rear overhang is too long, wheelbase too short. I'm not a big fan of these types of hatchet jobs but obviously someone wanted it done so what the hell. I would rather have a GT/SC with a set of CS 69's on it. :happy feet: One man's beauty is anothers abomination... KC666
  7. Ruger is making an AR variant called the SR 556 http://www.ruger.com/SR556/. All the goodness of the AR without the dirty direct inpingement gas system. The ruger has a gas piston, adjustable too. But its .223 only right now (hope they come with a .308 variant or 6.8 rem spc). Not a big fan of .223, good for coyotes but if your looking for something good on big 2 legged coyotes, .223 will never knock em down like a .30 cal. weapon. KC666
  8. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this, even if the body is Chevy shaped, the soul is Ford! KC666
  9. HOLY $HITE! What a beast! How many horse it the 2010 CJ pushing? Thanks for the cool picts. KC666
  10. Greetings 谢尔比, It is amazing the global reach of Shelby. Thanks for posting. I think they went with a live axel because it is cheap and strong. It definately has a old muscle car feel too it! I hope your dream of owning a Shelby comes true. That is, if your not just joking with us. BTW: The translation of 谢尔比 is SHELBY! KC666
  11. Love the front spoiler, the rear I'm not crazy about but it looks good. The wheels are awsome, overall a great look! Darkside: WOW...pretty cool, it looks like Batmans GT500...if he had one. Maybe he does, who knows? Anyway, I think its pretty badass! 3 ponies: Saweet ride man! I have a black GT500 with no over the tops, just the rocker stripe. Different strokes. KC666
  12. Steve, did Ford ever make a turbo version of the Cobra II? Its an interesting car. Call me crazy but I kinda like it. Too bad its a fugazi it would be pretty cool if it was real! What was Mr. Shelby doing in the late seventies, did he ever do any consumer cars after the 60's before his work with Chrysler in the 80's? KC666
  13. Looks awsome, CS69's are really slick especially with your colors. KC666
  14. Great story, great picts and great cars! Thanks for sharing this. :happy feet: KC666
  15. Storm, that is one hell of a story! You are one lucky son of a buck! Great pict! "I bought one of your cars".... Ok, you could have probably been a bit more eloquent on that but, what the hell, at least you were able to speak! You and the missus look like 2 incredibly happy clams. Congrats! Mr. Shelby is one fine human being. KC666
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