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  1. I told him that somewhere else on the site a month or so ago.
  2. No more pics Mike. Leaving tomorrow for Az. to do a final walk and close on Friday. A/C units being installed in both garages on Sat. , and Monday painters come and epoxy coat for garage floors will get done. Going with “concrete gray”. 350 gets picked up by the 30th.
  3. Hey Kevin! So glad you liked my old car. Yes, I do have a secret weapon....his name is Peter (JerseyGator) here on Team Shelby. He clayed the entire car, to include the stripes... polished and buffed it to the shine you see there. He is the best auto detailer I’ve ever met. He settles for nothing less than perfect. Plus the car came to me three years ago with only 168 miles on it. So, it was LIKE NEW, and I garaged it every day after that. I’m VERY fussy, and take excellent care of my cars, hence it still looks new with 2400 miles on her. Thw new owner (Len) is completely jazzed, and yes he’s a fantastic guy! He has waited his whole life for a Shelby car, and this was a perfect way to get his first one. Pete in action on the ole gal.
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