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  1. Trumps’ new NASA appointed head said today the first “person” on Mars could be a woman. So I suppose there is NO chance it will be you after all buddy.
  2. OK Keefer, get down to your Dodge stealer. Cormaro, GT500 twist shifter automagic.... Your decision has been made for ya! 👍 Edit- Red Hellcat with silver wheels.
  3. You just did................. I think it should be called a Cormaro...not a Stingray. I’ll be keeping my C7. 😍 Edit- Making alotta sense now that they are quitting the Camaro. This is it.
  4. It looks tighter inside IMO. That square steering wheel will take time to get used to
  5. Hey Doc, went to see Jeff Lynne in Philly last Sat. Was a great show. He was a bucket lister for me. I’m not a big concert goer like yourself. First concert I’ve ever been to where I smelled absolutely NO weed. 🤷‍♂️ Not one hint....inside or outside the arena
  6. Jay Leno gets all the cool shyt thrown his way. I envy almost nobody in life, but he might be close
  7. But I won’t be buying a new one. First because I don’t need another car. Second, because I wouldn’t trade my C7 for one. And third because a first gen mid engine American car will have lots of problems. Count on it. Case in point....Fee Air Oh. Forget about the fact that these will have idiotic ADM’s. And I will NEVER pay an ADM.
  8. How is it that the “last” C7 was sold at auction already then? It was a black one that I thought I saw?
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