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  1. Hey there ya chatty Cathy’s. Spent the first night last night in the new place. No pics yet...sorry. Still waaaaay too much to do. Had our first scorpion at the front door (inside) last night. It was one of the tiny super poisonous ones. Spent $400 today at Home Depot for “stuff” for the new place. $250 of that was for a ceiling fan for the bedroom. And $12 was for Scorpion traps!!! Bought 12 of em. They’re basically the old school Shell no pest strip glue. Remember them? Only instead of hanging em, they’re on a flat surface so the little buggers can walk across and stick to em. They work awesome! Hey Len! Good to see ya around! And real glad to know you had #5671’s airbags sorted out. Maybe Ford will stop mailing me the hate mail?! Thanks for all the kind wishes for the new digs fellars. It’s daunting. There’s a million things to do. My top priority is to get my baby’s back in air conditioning. It’s going to be 89 this week already. The epoxy coat gets done by Tuesday’s end. So, I will just be able to get em parked back home the day before I leave back for NJ. for the very last time. So glad to be done with east coast weather AND SALT!!!! You guys are bringing back some great memories of the old hot rods. And yes, growing up in Az , I totally remember all the old stuff I had back in the day running hot. In fact, if I had a car with A/C I would almost NEVER drive her with the A/C on, even when it was north of 110F outside. Too risky. Thank god all of my current stable is new enuf to be driven without fear of overheating, leaks and poor brakes. My one pet peeve of old cars is the unreliability. As for the C8 order forms, I believe they look real. That’d be awfully difficult to create all of that info from scratch. The colors sound pretty wild, if it’s real.
  2. Oh yeah Goose, I received that same shamrock airbag warning in the mail last week too. I have PILES of airbag recall warnings for all three of my S-197’s They will not be getting done. I know Len is planning on doing my old SGT. I hope once he does it, they’ll stop sending me his. Hitting the rack. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day.
  3. My 350 is now paid for and leaving for Miami next week. We closed on the home today, and moved in the first round of stuff stored in with the cars. Movers are bringing the furniture from the old Scottsdale house tomar morning, and the A/C units get installed in the garages tomar too. Then the garage floor guys come Monday to epoxy coat. Hopefully before I go back to NJ on April first I’ll get the cars into the new garages. Then all will be well.
  4. Man oh man, I’ve been away for a couple days getting my new digs squared away and this thread has really strayed off topic. Good to see my buddy Len in the house! And that new GT/SC.......
  5. I told him that somewhere else on the site a month or so ago.
  6. No more pics Mike. Leaving tomorrow for Az. to do a final walk and close on Friday. A/C units being installed in both garages on Sat. , and Monday painters come and epoxy coat for garage floors will get done. Going with “concrete gray”. 350 gets picked up by the 30th.
  7. Hey Kevin! So glad you liked my old car. Yes, I do have a secret weapon....his name is Peter (JerseyGator) here on Team Shelby. He clayed the entire car, to include the stripes... polished and buffed it to the shine you see there. He is the best auto detailer I’ve ever met. He settles for nothing less than perfect. Plus the car came to me three years ago with only 168 miles on it. So, it was LIKE NEW, and I garaged it every day after that. I’m VERY fussy, and take excellent care of my cars, hence it still looks new with 2400 miles on her. Thw new owner (Len) is completely jazzed, and yes he’s a fantastic guy! He has waited his whole life for a Shelby car, and this was a perfect way to get his first one. Pete in action on the ole gal.
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