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  1. Wow, these guys keep raising the bar. https://www.carscoops.com/2020/07/807-hp-2021-dodge-challenger-srt-super-stock-promises-to-annihilate-all-other-muscle-cars/
  2. OMGoodness Renato..... I am so sorry for your hardship!!! This made me yelp outloud. I cannot even imagine the odds of something like this happening. I’m in Az. I hope someone here can help you find a place close to you that can help. You shouldn’t need to send her anywhere really far away. Good luck to you sir, and welcome aboard Team Shelby. After you get her fixed, stick around and enjoy the online Shelby community! BIKEBOY
  3. This coming from the guy that “takes care of himself with supplements” !! Hahahahahahhaaha!!! Just teasing ya Doc. Enjoy bud. And all the best to Laika.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/ford-bronco-shows-front-end-in-first-official-photos/ar-BB16d0EE?li=BBnb4R5
  5. Uh oh Doc. I’m sorry to hear this about Laika Cozmo tore his cruciate ligament. I remember how brutal that was. The vet replaced it with basically super duty fishing line. It happened about four years before his passing, and worked perfect. All the best to the little guy. 👊
  6. I sold my Cayman today. My neighbor is a Porsche guy and has been on me to sell it to him. 🙄 I told him it was not for sale. He kept on until finally I said if you pay me X for it..... Well, he did. 🕺 This opens up many different scenarios now.
  7. “The raw violence of a crash” 😳
  8. I don’t have the Shelby bike Jim. And I’m not on FB.
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