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  1. I am bumping this back up to the top given these trying times all over our planet, and here at home. Lest we remember what this great country has given us ALL, and may we remain as one and help each other out through this difficult and unprecedented time in history. I pray you are all keeping it close, keeping safe and above all staying healthy. God bless humanity, and God bless America. 😇
  2. I like that Sean. Very subtle. Reminds me of the Bullitt that way. 👍 Thank you sir. And you too Dave.... I never ever take one day for granted. Especially now with this worldwide tragedy.
  3. This would have to be my favorite Shelby story. Carroll signed my Monroney on my 2007 GT500. I sent along a disposable camera, and they took two pics for me! Sadly, the car is in someone else’s ownership nowadays. Oh, and he got the sticker along with the car, of course.
  4. This is getting messy now. Disneyland, MLB, NBA, just a few of the businesses that are jumping on board. Pandemonium now.
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