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  1. https://fordauthority.com/2020/02/ross-chastain-to-drive-ryan-newmans-nascar-mustang/
  2. The FOUNDER is in the house !!!!!!
  3. That’s the other Chris’s car. CMC motorworks. Mines a Gurney
  4. Yes, that’s great news! Thanks Mr. Know It All! ✌️
  5. It is a bit odd, but they’re not really talking about the nature or severity of his injuries. I really hope he’s not disfigured or a parapalegic. 🙏
  6. No more cars. That thing is insane tho.
  7. I just texted Tekker. He says he will be now.
  8. David, I’m not sure, as I’m not really a big NASCAR fan. Goose should know Edit- Or if the OP ever comes around here anymore, he’d definitely know.
  9. That said, I am pulling for him big time. I HATE to see those kinds of things in auto racing. These guys all know the second they strap on their helmets that this could be their last day. It’s waaaaay safer than it was in the days of Ken Miles, and even safer than the when Sr. lost his life there, but when you go 200mph strapped into basically a man made metal tomb.....bad things can happen. 😕 Edit- And as we saw yesterday, you are also at the mercy of 30 some odd other drivers.
  10. Those are way cool ! Thanks Jimbo In my personal opinion....they’re mum on his condition because it’s not good. I’m just say’n. They say it’s not “life threatening”. That’s a very Grey area and vague.
  11. You guys see that crash at Daytona??? Prayers for Ryan Newman
  12. https://www.aureliospizza.com/ We had one in Scottsdale Az. when I was a lad. They closed around the early 90’s I wanna say? It was hands down the best pie I ever had. Click on the website and then click on “our history” and scroll down to the 1970’s. It talks about our location. 😊
  13. Wow, that’s cool. Small world. Great story isnt it? They did a Bandit one. It looked better than this iteration IMO. Hmmm....I’ll have to Google it.
  14. These guys just keep on keepin’ on. This one’s a nice story.
  15. Thanks a million Jim! ☺️ Thank you Goose! 🤓
  16. Totally agree on the Oscar for Bale, Jim. 👍
  17. I wasnt gonna post this, but I reduced my Flickr page to under the amount of free pics. and thought I would. I already shared this with Keith and Tek. I bought a thrashed ‘56 Belair steering wheel and speedo and fender emblem at a wrecking garage in Seattle a long while back and restored them and bolted ‘em up to my sound bar for the garage music. The steering wheel started out as a factory sea foam green, only I couldn’t find any paint that was close enough, so I changed it to another ‘56 interior color that I could find. The steering wheel was all gouged up and looked horrible. I even painted the missing blue in the horn button bow tie, with Testors model paint. 😎
  18. I did Keith, thanks! Mom don’t look 80. She has people tell her so all the time. 79 maybe....but not 80. 😂 Mine’s tomorrow. Now, I might look 80!!! 😫
  19. Hey Doc, was in Seattle the last two days surprising mom for her 80th, and I saw the local Seattle paper had a big section saying Grand Funk is touring again????? Really? I didn’t pay attention closely, because I was reading over a guys shoulder, but it looked like there were some dates and times.
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