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  1. Remember: it's from CreatingtheLie.com. Most likely a photoshop job on the wheels. Doug is VERY GOOD! They are sweet though, eh? Bikeboy
  2. MMcGuirk, I got that pic from MotorTrend today, marked as Yellow Blaze???? Weird. Whadda U think about the true color? Have U seen it live? Will it be an OK retro color for the BOSS? I am now re-thinking everything.....may be time to exchange for the old 500? I would do Grabber Blue I think though! I have been talking to the wife these past 24 hours, after I began the thread. I am sorry to admit and feel weak for admitting it, but continue to stew over having the possibility of replacing a clutch in my car sooner than should EVER be necessary! I've owned MANY high HP cars in my lifetime...lots with many miles on them, and a "new clutch" has never been breathed in any conversation! It's sad that this forum seems to be dominated with this topic.
  3. Last week, I posted an inquiry on the Team Forum, asking if anyone has 'altered' their GT500 grille, in the way specifically of adding 'close together' Eleanor style foglamps. Today, I am wondering if anyone has purchased the new Stack Racing billet grille? I have posted a picture from Doug Schramm and "CreatingtheLie.com", that I believe illustrates best, the possible look of one of these installed........ Feedback? Thx, Bikeboy
  4. Here it is............................."Yellow Blaze" I hope it's just the lights in this picture, cause this seems too muted...IMO
  5. So, is this Yellow Blaze?????
  6. No doubt Ron Pratt will be adding one more car to his warehouse in Az.
  7. Good morning guys. Let me just start out by saying I never saw Al Gore's movie and am a registered Republican....and drive and have ALWAYS driven fast gas guzzling cars. That said- why are we not talking about what is going on down in our beautiful Gulf waters? I mean, as it relates to our beloved personal transportation? I am ONLY throwing this out for intelligent discussion, I promise! Is it time to get off oil? You know what that would mean? I personally have had 'visions' for the FIRST time in my life, not driving a gas powered automobile. It's a scary thought to me, at 50 y.o., as my Dad and my Granddad's all drove fast cars. Heck, and back in their day, the cars weighed twice what they do today, and got way poorer fuel economy. So, on that front, we have made big strides. I cannot see myself driving a Prius, or Insight, or especially worse yet, a Tesla Roadster. Can you imagine an all electric car??? The exhaust note gone forever!? We would need a cd for the radio to pipe-in exhaust note! Lol! Seriously though...my wife and I never had kids, and I can't even imagine what this 'spew' has and continues to do to our water down there...not to mention the poor helpless animals and marine life! What have we left for the coming generations? Forget for a minute who caused it, how it happened, and hold back , for just a minute that stone you want to throw at BP or maybe Obama. ........................ WHAT DO WE DO NOW? HOW DO WE PROCEED? IS ANYONE WILLING TO GIVE UP THEIR GAS POWERED CAR YET? Any thoughts...it's friggin' scary guys. Thanks for listening. Bikeboy
  8. Since we're in this 'silly' vein....I'll do ya one better: Go to NAPA and order individual letters to run backwards, ambulance style.......... " M O V E O V E R" I'm killin' myself!!!!!
  9. Let me guess........the Rolex has a SHELBY face? Yeah, I think I saw that guy at the end of the bar the other night!
  10. Love the break.....but man-o-man....I love the L E T T E R I N G too!! That's just me.
  11. "and cannot be considered rare or collectible in the foreseeable future"............... You've been hiding the crystal ball, all this time?? As for the rose and the bloom......I, as well get more curious onlookers with this car, than any of my previous 85 cars! It remains curious to me that if the 07-09 cars are yesterday's news....how is it that MOST people, still ask "what is this car"? It may be 'old news' to those of us that are educated SHELBY owners, and Mustang owners on the whole, but with a few simple mods, you can take this car to many levels beyond that of the 2011 car, and still have the more 'retro' look...IMHO
  12. I'm almost positive, I can convince the wife to let the 135i go for a NEW BOSS 302. This way, we can keep the GT500 as well!! HeeHee... I better start planting the seed, it sounds like. I'm so glad I started this thred! Thanks to all of you. Thanks to Robert for clarifying the nameplate ownership too. Bikeboy
  13. Phill...I agree totally. I might add one other item to the definition of "A Good Deal". If the wife is happy too!! Bikeboy
  14. I'll take mine with all 'BALLS' and no whistles...Thank you very much!! Lol! Bikeboy
  15. B T W--- I do kinda like the sound of 'A Yellow Blaze BOSS 302' better than 'A Grabber Yellow' . Just sounds faster!! Hahaha.
  16. Aawww, yes...the Yellow Blaze. The much talked about color that did'nt make it to the order codes...sneakily!! F O R D........y o u g u y s???? Lol! Now I'm dying to find out. How reliable? 2011???? Maybe Son of GT is onto something. "Is it December yet"?
  17. AND........an 18" or 19" version of this wheel!! WooHoo!!
  18. No-No-No...I DID say it SHOULD have A/C. Justa came in from outside. Toronto ...109deg.f with humidex!!! Lol! July 5th, 2010 3:52 pm ET
  19. I mentioned once before on this subject, that it seems interesting to me that KBB.com still has no value for the GT500 coupe or Vert? Moreover, NADA does......? KBB describes in a pop-up screen , that due to the limited amount of these cars, they are unable to determine a fair mrkt. value. We, including myself lately, have been going on and on about the 'limited production' of these cars. It would seem to me that KBB, the self described experts on car values in the US, could be on to something here. Everybody that has been posting lately as newbies to the Shelby world, with their first Shelby, specifically a GT500 are all getting them even with very low mileage, between 35K and 37K? Oddly, as well, the Vert's are seemingly not bringing much if any more $$$ ? What happened to the old saying, "top goes down...price goes up"? Don't get mad convertible owners, but at least for this car (500) , if you are buying it for it's original intended purpose, a coupe is really the right choice for that. Please don't sling mud at me...I don't even track my car. I'm just trying to evaluate why there is not much spread in price between the two. Maybe this car is commanding the same $$$ in either form, because of this reason. All that said, who is working for KBB these days? Do they not surf sites such as ours here? If you read the threads for just one week, you would realize what these cars are really changing hands for. I was a lucky MSRP first year buyer. And as for most of these cars STILL selling for , even as low as $35K, I am thinking that is a very strong resale value! Try buying a new, most anything, in '07 and try to sell it for only that much of a hit now in mid '10. You'd be hard pressed to find many other cars that are standing this strong!?
  20. Son of GT...thx for the reminder. I can't help but think, as I look at your post...........what do you use as a late model "decontented" wheel?
  21. Right...knew that.Thanks Just thought maybe that car had his good graces for racing purposes only. But I guess that would be ridiculous, eh? The transaction must have occurred already.
  22. If it seems like I have too much time on my hands...yes I do. I came along this picture today of a certain FORD dealer's interpretation of a NEW BOSS 302. I thought I would share, for one, and as well ask if I'm the only one that was under the impression that Larry Shinoda owns the "BOSS" moniker? It seems similar to the whole re-naming of the last FORD GT...and not GT40??? Isn't this the case with Shinoda? Unless Fomoco has purchased the rights back from him to possibly do another car for later. This is just me being me, but how cool would it be to see a true 'stripped down' version BOSS 302, ie...crank windows...radio delete...backseat delete...(probably should have A/C) for those of us that might take it out for ice cream on days like today in the Northeast! Ford needs to strike while the iron's hot, what with 5.0, and the new body style churning out sales, and make Chrysler and GM weak at the knees. I can actually see this car in showrooms sooner than we think. Any thoughts?
  23. Hey guys...just gassed up the '07 GT500 half an hour ago. 3600 miles on the car. A very good friend of mine bought a new 6cylinder a month after I recieved the 500. He ALWAYS complained about this very thing, and the gas gauge not going all the way to full from a COMPLETE fill up? He subsequently has had the 'gas gauge' TSB done on the car...(a new float assy.) but still complains to this day of fueling isuues! I am just throwing this out there, OK? What I always do when gassing up my car...because everyones complaint here does seem to start happening with me as well, is I pull back the fueling nozzle about an inch and a half or so from the filler neck, in what I believe is allowing some air recirculation? This ALWAYS relieves the isuue, and the tank fills up straight away. If I don't do this, the fuel backs up and keeps shutting down the nozzle time and again! It certainly is a pain in the arse!! Try this method next time you are at the "rape" station. Hope it helps! Bikeboy
  24. Again...this is ONLY a photoshop!! see WWW.CREATINGTHELIE.COM NOT A REAL CAR!
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