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  1. Two great points as well, thanks for pointing them out. Yes he did say Carroll "couldn't make it as a driver so he started building cars instead". It is clear they don't do proper research or simply declined to tell it correctly and accurately because it might just get in the way of their bias agenda......
  2. To summarize the video according to statements by the crew of TopGear in this episode: They set a negative tone about the Mustang and American cars in general from the get go! Here are some of the quotes in the timeline below which as an American I am offended by some of the comments and as a 2013 Gt500 owner I fail to see any humor in whatsoever . 18:29 “Just because a car has go fast stripes doesn’t mean it goes fast” 18:33 “A Mustang is a very good straight line ¼ mile car …that’s what it is good for” 20:33 “it’s not sophisticated nor intelligent. As a European you might think it’s a stupid car." That "James May has a point that sophisticated European people are not Mustang people.” 21:02 ‘I like Mustangs but they are not fast” 22:28 Because he (the GT500) lost 1 hour (on the slow ferry)before it gets to France James said “he can’t make that time up unless he tries to make it in a Mustang that can’t go around a corner. Then he will be up a tree.” 22:38 Clarkson “It’s true Mustangs are not good around corners” 24:21 At the Ferry , Clarkson found out that not everyone in Europe shared his negative views on the Mustang…..They loved it often taking pictures , asking questions etc. 24:31 Clarkson admits to mocking Mustangs throughout his life not just currently 27:13 He bashes American built engines saying “they are all made from melted down box girders 27:29 The Gt500 blocks are made in Germany “where they know what they are doing” (unlike in the US where they don't?) 28:56 “Only a 50 Liter fuel tank” 42:26 Makes fun of all the gauge options by saying “what’s the point of them” 44:25 He says “has worked out why this immensely powerful car is so cheap.” 44:40 (obligatory) Bashes the “plastics” and manual Recaro seats 44:45 “It is not refined or engineered as well as anything made in Europe or Japan” (said something actually positive) 45:07 Liked this…..“Never bored with the power and you do get the Shelby herritage 59:32 Concludes that the 2013 GT500 quality is “like that of an old Escort” not refined, noisy, full of vibration and harshness” 59:47 “This is why American cars are so cheap!” My conclusion of this episode of Top Gear specifically pertaining to the 2013GT500 : If this video doesn’t show the pompous, arrogant American bashing attitude Top Gear consistently displays then I guess nothing will. IMO This show is a disgrace and only serves to perpetuate the jealousy and hatred towards America that we often see from Europe and those who think we should be more like them.
  3. For some insite on the design and engineering of the front fascia and grille opening go to the 3.15 mark in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kq4bmocoNKs
  4. Congratulations VD looks fantastic!! Looking forward to your review once you get some miles on the OD.
  5. This thread is too funny . You guys need to go out and but a luxury vehicle....the GT500 is a street legal purpose built performance vehicle your going to hear the trans , clutch, gears , engine and exhaust...get used to it or go buy a Lincon. sheesh
  6. Thanks ...I think I will like that space just for that reason...
  7. The real question here is why did one of the Camaro owners try to spread a false rumor like that about head gaskets blowing on the 2013 GT500's....? :angry2:
  8. Just looking at this cynical statement alone.... Yes cynicism is a good way to describe it since you are bent on disparaging the good folks who have been hand chosen by Ford to work on the Romeo Niche line to assemble these special engines...and yes they are specially built and engineered engines set apart from any other Ford builds except the Boss302 engine which is also build on the Romeo Niche line if I'm not mistaken. BTW nobody said they weren't a mass produced car in fact Ford said they were when they said it had the most HP of any mass produced V8 automobile. BTW if I'm not mistaken the Corvette ZR1's engine is also put together by one technician.....not even two like the Shelby's engine. They must really be saving a lot of taxpayers dollars over at Gov Motors on that $125,000 Vette. Perhaps the ZL1 engine is mass produced by a machine ....maybe that's the car you should buy instead.of the one put together by drunks and bitter divorcees.
  9. I knew they were using a larger pinion bearing in the 13 but I'm surprised the folks at SVT didn't know the correct part #. More than likely they will have to pull the part from the assembly line supply for you to get one. I have not heard of any other's having this problem but I'm sure Ford is concerned about this because the 13' is currently on the assembly line being built.. It is in their best interest to nip this in the bud especially if there is any other's with this problem out there. (not saying there is but I'm sure Ford would know if there was) That's why they do an initial QC on the first batch of 500 or so cars off the assembly line. Anyway I'm sure they will get this taken care of properly for you as quickly as possible.
  10. It must be tough to go through life as cynical as you ...The engine builders at the Romeo Niche line hand assemble these engines they don't do any machining. They use hi tech machines that torque all the head bolts evenly at the same time. I've been to the plant twice now and can attest that they do a fantastic job and they are proud of their work.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Ford took a closer look at how these are being done at the factory. It may even affect production if they find any more like this.
  12. I agree taste in wheels can be affected greatly by what we grew up with. It also is affected by what we think looks best on that particular model and color car or truck. Being over 50 I tend to like a brighter wheel as opposed to a blacked or even an accent colored wheel.....when I grew up in the early days fancy hub-caps were the only way to customize your wheels...lol then Crager and American Racing came on the scene and the rest is history
  13. If you read the captions it says there are two versions....louvered and mesh
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