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  1. The package looks great! I still don't understand Ford's business plan. They come out with an additional option for a car they can't make enough of already! Still, one mean looking combo!
  2. Hi All, Long time lurker here. Love the site! Lots of great info. Just read this in my local paper. I live in a suburb west of Cleveland near engine plant 1. Sorry for the long read but the end of the article mentions the new boss 6.2 liter engine coming to plant 1. Interesting.
  3. ha ha...ha ha...he said tittering.
  4. ...same problem here. I will post more after we talk to the dealer. It's really annoying!
  5. I'll tell him to join and post up more pics. No mods planned. We've had an '04 Marauder and an '04 Mach 1 and never modded. Just like the look and feel of all original. I do envy the HP some people get when they do mod though!
  6. B)--> QUOTE(Five Oh B @ Dec 10 2006, 02:34 PM) 72761[/snapback] I, too, have an '07 GT Automatic. It makes a whining noise from the transmission occasionally in lower gears when I get on it hard, but it is only until the car warms up. I've been told by others with this noise that it is a design issue in the transmission and some of the tolerances are a little tight between some moving parts with the transmission, but not a problem to worry about. I won't pretend to know anything about the inner workings of an automatic, so I don't remember the specifics. Also, since I installed the DiabloSport Predator computer tune and cranked up the line pressure for harder/higher shifts, I occasionally hear a light buzzing noise at light throttle. I think that is from the increased line pressure, though. Thanks! We'll keep an eye on it. It's got 700 miles on it and I'm hoping it goes away after it breaks in.
  7. Ruf, I love Mustangs, always have...but the HEMI is sweet. Here's MY daily driver. The Stang and SRT are my buddies and he asked me to inquire with the board because of the wealth of info here. Just got the the Ram 2 weeks ago, had to trade my "Deuce" in on her. I was driving an '05 F150. That's where the Deuce name came from. I'll post up more Stang pics too.
  8. I apologize if this is somewhere else! I have a 2007 GT and it "whistles" under hard acceleration. Anybody else heard of this? Goes away after 2nd and 3rd gear...starts around 2500 rpm. Thanks! Great site, been a long time lurker.
  9. Whoa! Easy there gunner. I need a warranty. That's why I haven't bought a GT yet and added a supercharger...which would be the best option considering HP to weight while staying in the Ford family. ...and no, we don't all know what REAL enthusiasts care about. Apparently you do though. Now take your Midol and shut the eff up.
  10. Just my two cents...the guy with the longest warranty wins. Oh, that would be the GT500.
  11. OMG! I think I peed a little. That is the funniest thing I've seen on this or any other board. How much is Downsyndrome Ford asking for this beauty?
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