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  1. Very nice! I like it, nice trailer. I even know some of them guys drinking beer at Shelby fest.........oop's wrong trailer! Seriously I think the show could be a hit. I went to Facebook and gave it a "like" and will spread the word. Good Luck!
  2. I have went the last 2 years. Great time and look forward to 2011...........but I don't golf! That doesn't mean that others can't have fun doing it though!
  3. Oh Boy, I got one dem der pullers and installers from Justin. Works great and well worth the money. I love the gun case it comes in! I can carry either my S&W 40 or my Glock 45 to any Mustang event and they all just think it's the pulley kit! All joking aside it is the best puller/installer kit out there and I have used a few of them. Well worth the money. Steve
  4. Does anyone know if the fuel pump upgrade uses Ford GT pumps or something else? Do they have a part number available for the assembly? I have GT pumps currently but would buy the whole assembly to save time if it's available for my vert.
  5. With a 2.85" upper and 10% lower you are at approx 24lbs boost. I have run the 2.75" upper and the 10% lower and hit 26lbs. These boost levels pretty much max out the 2.9. I don't think you would want to run a 2.6 just because of belt slip issues. Horsepower wise is approx 750 - 775ish with this combo and race gas.
  6. Hi Chuck, Tried to pm you wouldn't go thru. Must be something with the site? My personal email is srk1959@aol.com. I would be interested as well if no one else comes through. Steve
  7. I was the first person in the US to install a customer KB 2.8 LC on a 2010 Camaro.....so they say.... since there were no tunes available anywhere and I had to spend $2500 for the software. I will say I was shocked at the cheapness of the vehicle. The front wheel hubs actually were for a front wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle........GM just put plugs in the axle holes. The front lower control arms are about as thick as my GT500 front sway bar....but probably not as strong. The car is pieced together of left over GM parts to keep cost down. I have to say though the KB supercharger upgrade kit was very well put together. I am sure most will want to know that it put down about 520 rwhp on a 90 degree day with 7-8lbs boost. There is more there but the owner is happy as is.
  8. Yep I will have a full line up of L&M stuff. You never know when someone might show up at the dyno with a KB 3.6 or 4.2 or whatever......bj knows what I am talking about!
  9. Very nice! I will have to get one of them too!
  10. It was fun and there were quite a few Mustangs from all years there. The free admission from Ford was nice. I also was able to ride in one of the drift cars on the smaller track. They sure beat the hell out of them!
  11. No problem, it was great to see you both again!
  12. I'm going to really try and make it this year. I will have to bring the red coupe though because your car is probably too fast for my vert now! Steve
  13. After sitting all winter and not being started I took the coupe with the 2.9 to the SVT show and the belt started to squeak. I didn't have any belt dressing and have put a new belt on since then. I had to improvise and I borrowed Dean's Turtle wax ice spray, it was good enough to leave the show without sounding like I had a bunch of Crickets under the hood! Thanks Dean!
  14. I like spending money I just wish I had more to spend! Put me down for a 72mm. Oh by the way we put the L&M 62mm on my son's stock 2008 Bullitt and the car runs perfect without even touching the tune. He's looking forward to getting headers and some supporting mods on. The coolest part is he did the install himself including the electronic's swap.......he will be 15 on August 11th of this year! I will let him take it for a drive on the back roads sometimes.....but don't tell anyone! I hope no one gets to out of shape over this post since I admit I do like the product!
  15. Hi Clint, Sorry to hear about the installation troubles. Been there done that with the 2.9. I tried to pm you but couldn't. If you want to pm me or use my personal email srk1959@aol.com I can give you some info. Steve
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